Economists Expecting Trade Deficit & Weak GDP Numbers For Canada

GDP numbers and trade flow information will be released this week.

According to a Bloomberg survey, economists are expecting a trade deficit when the trade flow numbers are released this week.

Additionally, the economists expect GDP growth of just 0.1% when those figures are released, also this week.

Last month, exports in 10 of 13 sectors increased, but much of that gain is expected to be reversed:

‘“Export strength was broad-based in May, with real exports higher in 10 of 13 categories reported by Statistics Canada,” said Robert Both, a macro-strategist at Toronto-Dominion Bank. However, “with further gains in energy products unlikely due to curtailment and transportation bottlenecks, we look for a giveback in non-energy exports to drive a decline in export volumes for June,” he said.”

Recent economic numbers have shown a variety of concerning trends, including job losses, GDP growth rates that are actually negative when accounting for population increase, rising debt, increasing bankruptcies, and weak investment – all of which contradicts the false ‘positive’ narrative the Liberal government and establishment press has tried promoting about the economy.

Spencer Fernando

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Andy Capp

GDP figures should always be adjusted for inflation (as are rates of return, called “real” return), and be provided alongside per capita gdp. Figures should also be provided for government debt adjusted GDP (how much GDP was provided by our future tax burden), and total debt adjusted (how much consumer borrowing, ie mortgage debt, lines of credit, credit cards, etc, and the future tax burden contributed to the inflated figure). Good example is Japan – GDP per capita grew faster than America, people live well, no growing population, no crisis. Although the globalist establishment doesn’t want that story told. Our… Read more »


Andy this is ever so true, if this was made to be, by law and truthful, Canada could slowly recover. A truthful political party, working to supply the truth to Canadians, how novel. Thank you but how can we make this happen?
Maybe before being able to become a politician they all should get a degree from Japan, or someone like you.

old white guy

I am always amazed at how the government can excuse debt, debt and even more debt while crushing free enterprise and taxing the very air we breathe. Then publish completely bogus numbers that would get us arrested for fraud if we were to do something similar in our business activities.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau and Morneau like all Liberals, play up and promote their failures as successes; just as they are now hiding from the public the real costs of their economic decisions. After all, if their economic policies were such a great success, then why the need to raise taxes and burden businesses with both higher taxes and strangulating regulations. Surely the increased revenues from the improved economy would lead to higher employment and lower taxes not higher taxes. Under Trudeau and Morneau’s policies, more citizens are giving up on finding work and the meagre work they do find doesn’t pay well… Read more »