VIDEO: RCMP Update On Search For Murder Suspects

At this point, the RCMP can’t even confirm that the individuals identified in York Landing are the suspects.

The RCMP has issued an update on the search for the two murder suspects at the centre of a nationwide manhunt.

Here are some updates they issued on Twitter:

“Last night, at approximately 5:00 pm, the RCMP received a tip that two males matching the description of the wanted suspects were seen in York Landing, Manitoba. Based on the information received, the RCMP immediately deployed multiple resources to the community.”

“Officers searched the York Landing area throughout the night and continue their efforts today. The Royal Canadian Air Force is also assisting today with the search.”

“Officers on the ground have not made contact with the individuals, as such, the RCMP is not yet in a position to confirm that these are the wanted suspects. The goal today remains to safely locate and apprehend the individuals and confirm their identities.”

“It is critical that residents of York Landing remain vigilant & stay indoors as much as possible with their doors locked, & to report anything suspicious by calling their local police immediately.”

Here’s the video of the RCMP update press conference:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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If it is them, I hope they appreciate the hoards of black flies, mosquitoes and horseflies. They are beyond horrible when walking through the bush and muskeg, and can drive people insane. Let them stay out another week and see if they will surrender or suicide. authorities just need to sit and wait. Don’t waste energy doing what nature will do for free.


When you are bus boys for the last three years I guess you forget how to do real police work.