WATCH: Scheer Slams Trudeau On Diplomat Muzzling

“Extremely shocking” says Scheer.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer slammed the Trudeau PMO for attempting to muzzle diplomats.

Two former Canadian ambassadors to China, David Mulroney & Guy Saint-Jacques, say they were contacted by a government official who claimed the PMO had asked him to ‘reach out’ and try to get them to stop talking publicly about the dumpster fire that is the Liberal China policy.

Speaking on the issue, Scheer said “Canadians need to be very concerned that the political masters in the Prime Minister’s Office would be directing independent members of the public service to try and achieve a better political outcome for the party in power.”

You can watch Scheer’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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It’s not the crime, it’s the coverup…something, something.

Norbert Kausen

It’s BOTH!!


Doing politics different. No doubt about that truedope!

Shawn Harris

Trudeau once again feels it is perfectly fine to trample our right to free speech, just so long as it benefits him.Trying to silence private citizens, does nothing to help Kovrig and Spavor to return home to Canada. If anything , Trudeau is now complicit in helping China to undermine our independence and soverignty,while achieving nothing in return for Canada. Trudeau is either very stupid or is a traitor and by the evidence presented so far, he is both. Trudeau, by silencing former diplomats and private citizens, he thinks this will win him the support of the voters; he is… Read more »