Karina Gould, The Liberal Cabinet Minister Who Wants To Control Social Media, Is Spreading Misinformation On Social Media

Karina Gould claims ‘Ford defunds our public education system…” Yet education spending in Ontario is up.

“Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government is charting a gradual path to balance in its first budget, keeping a lid on spending increases and promising to take the province into the black only after the next provincial election.

While health care, education and transportation will see modest increases in annual funding, most government ministries will face cuts to their budgets, including the ministries of Environment and Social Services. Sixteen of 22 government departments will see their spending fall this year.”

The Globe & Mail, April 11, 2019

Note again the first sentence of the second paragraph:

“While health care, education and transportation will see modest increases in annual funding…”

Education funding is going up. Under the Ford Government.

With that fact in mind, consider what Liberal minister Karina Gould tweeted:

“If you had any doubt that Scheer& Ford were working together let this put it to rest.

As Ford defunds our public education system, Scheer offers tax credits for private school.

Cuts to public services and tax breaks for the wealthy, that’s the #CPC plan. #cdnpoli #onpoli”

Keep in mind, Karina Gould is the one who threatened to shut down Twitter if they didn’t listen to the Trudeau Liberals demands on ‘fighting misinformation.’

Yet here she is, spreading misinformation herself.

Her claim that Ford is ‘defunding’ education is an easily provable lie. It’s not even close to the truth. A quick glance at any news report, or a look at the Ontario budget proves that she is lying.

So, Karina Gould lies and spreads misinformation, yet somehow thinks she has the credibility or authority to dictate to social media companies.


This arrogance and deception from Liberal politicians is dangerously dividing our country, and leading our country into a dark and divisive era.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Beverley Campbell

Look people, you cannot have it both ways, if you want greater sums spent for education, health and suchlike then you MUST stand still for a tax increase, Governments do NOT have any other source of dollars aside from what it taxes from you. Please tell the others, many of whom believe that “government money” is an endless source, it ain’t.

Moe S.

Ontario, where a guaranteed job for life, the worlds highest-paid teachers live and retire with golden retirement packages. The wealthiest and most powerful teacher’s unions also reside in Ontario and continue to milk the education system. Doug Ford announces his gov’t will increase class sizes for gr.4-gr.8 from 23.4 to 24.5 and gr. 9-gr.12 by 6 students per class. Also, decrease the numbers of surplus & redundant teachers by 3,475 over five years. Yes, Karina Gould is full of …yet this is typical of leftists who love the monopoly they have over Ontario’s public education system while making sure their… Read more »


Doug Ford is doing a great job here, he has even funded the whole legal and police better and our new PM Andrew Scheer will do a great job too.
All the other politicians are working for the UN, foreigners, and the Laurentian so called “elites”, lie, our mainstream media lies, we can only read our truthful Spencer, and go directly to Conservative Party sites to get the real truth about our Canada, and truth is so important.

Gonzo the Magnificent

I don”t have any faith in either of them. Scheer is just a centrist version of Trudeau – a slower course to disaster.

Lyndia Edwards

By installing a disciple of the Trudeau government (sorry, do not remember his name) to twitter, the conservative voices are being widely restricted. On my feed, any comment criticizing Trudeau, his government, any government of any other country (with the exception of Trump) is not posted. Most of my comments are not posted.

Rob Gillespie

Why am I not surprised….

Shawn Harris

Lies, deceptions, misinformation and baseless accusations form the Trudeau Liberals and especially from Karina Gould are standard operating procedure. Why would you expect anything else? Trudeau has hardened his image and persona as a constant liar and fraud on most subjects. Thus making it easy to dismiss anything he says as a lie and gives the public a constant reason for not trusting the Liberals. As far as social media goes , when it comes to honesty and truthful statements, take it with a very large shovel full of salt. Social media’s impact on voters will only go so far,… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

It is what liberals do… they LIE!!! They are consummate LIARS! Too bad there are so many brainless Canadians who actually believe them!

Linda Samson

MP Gould must be apprenticing under MP McKenna & her motto, “if you say something often enough & loud enough people will believe it”.

Major Tom

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

old white guy

We have too much government and too many incompetent people involved in it. All my life I have voted and not once did I ever vote for government control over my life, but guess what, government now controls every aspect of our lives. So, how many liars were voted into various government offices during the past 60 years? Tell Gould to get control over her personal level of stupidity before meddling in the lives of Canadians.

Leo Frey

Hey Karina Gould. Tell me WHO is censoring YOUR media misinformation?