CORRUPT: Liberals Block Ethics Commissioner From Testifying

The cover-up continues.

The Trudeau Liberals are in full cover-up mode, as they desperately try to stop Canadians from learning more about Justin Trudeau’s SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

Liberal MPs on the Ethics Committee – with the exception of Nathanial Erskine-Smith, voted to block the Ethics Commissioner from testifying on his Trudeau Report, even though the Ethics Commissioner wanted to testify.

NDP & Conservative MPs voted in favour of the Ethics Commissioner testifying, but since the Liberals hold a majority on the committee, the vote was 5-4 to block the testimony.

This shows the Liberals are in full cover-up mode, and it is an example of total government corruption.

The Ethics Commissioner was even nearby, ready to go into the room and testify, but the Liberals blocked it.

They’ve decided that their own partisan interests are more important than openness and transparency for the Canadian People, which alone should be disqualifying.

But even worse, we are being denied answers from an officer of Parliament whose job exists solely to provide those answers, which represents a serious attack on Canada’s democracy.

You can watch a replay of the Ethics Committee meeting here:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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While watching the Liberals avoid the issue the “SHOW” they put on with Smith going rogue was pathetic. Calling out Dion as incompetent with his illegal based findings and “I want him here so I can question his misguided report” was staged knowing the motion would be rejected because the Liberals had the votes and he would never have to confront Dion. This was nothing but a organized cover up just like SNC and I hope people see through the clown act they put on to protect Trudeau from prosecution. If the RCMP walk away from this now then the… Read more »

William Jones

This was the reality the moment the Committee sat — there is no way the Liberals are going to allow the public to know the truth about them — or at least any truth that they can cover up.