WATCH: Asked About Carbon Tax Hikes, McKenna Says “I’m Just Worried About Getting Re-Elected”

Interesting answer.

At a recent press conference, environment minister Catherine McKenna was asked about her recent backtracking on a previous promise not to keep hiking the carbon tax.

A while back, McKenna had claimed the carbon tax wouldn’t go up above $50 a tonne. Yet, she recently contradicted herself, as the Liberals appear to be admitting that they’ll be hiking the carbon tax.

She then contradicted herself again, trying to go back to her previous position after the damage was already done.

However, she gave the game away when asked about it most recently, as you can watch below:

“Gosh, I’m just worried about getting re-elected, earning the right to represent Ottawa Centre. Anyway, thanks very much.”

Then she walks away.

How’s that for openness and transparency?

The problem facing McKenna and the Liberals is that they’ve talked themselves into a corner, saying Canada is facing an imminent ‘climate crisis’ while also doubling down on a carbon tax that is increasingly unpopular, and ineffective at achieving results.

So, the Liberals know they’re going to increase the carbon tax, but admitting that – as McKenna ‘mistakenly’ did previously – will cost them votes. That leaves them playing this deceptive game where they say what’s necessary to win at all costs, while leaving the unpopular stuff for after Canadians cast our ballots.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Just repeat it loudly and Canadians will believe you and you get free trips around the world and big money and power and fame etc. at the taxpayers who you are robbing, expense. Ottawa a LIEberals paradise you don’t need to care about what happens to the people your supposed to be working for, but lie to them until you get your useless expensive way paid again when they are dumb enough to vote you in, in the first place, wow.

alan skelhorne

another liberal who will miss living of the trough


Sad, so sad both major parties promise reform and yet some of those who have been their leaders at times seem connected to the front and back room doors and from business and their financial supporters and their international activities including in Asia….puzzling, troubling, fed up..

Shawn Harris

Mckenna says she is worried more about getting re elected, than she is about the extreme damage her and Trudeau’s carbon tax are doing to Canada and Canadians. Which goes to show just what she thinks a real priority is and not what she should be doing and that is cancelling the carbon tax. For Mckenna, like her boss Trudeau answering a direct question is the cue to start deflecting and laying blame or changing the subject, rather than give a direct and honest answer. Lastly, both Trudeau and McKenna have failed to learn the lesson about constantly lying, that… Read more »

Moe S.

Translation: I’m more superior than you. I have better things to do with my time i.e., “getting re-elected.” You’ve been dismissed and I’m out of here.

Eric Blair

Worried about being re-elected… I should say so! They must have done some private polling in her riding and the results so far do not look good. Hence the backtracking. McKenna will only be a one term wonder…so no pension. At least your boss will get a pension but he hasn’t deserved it.

William Jones

That admission may well be the first and only true comment she has made since she was elected.

Rob Gillespie

Of course they believe it’s necessary to win at all costs (really, as do almost all politicians in probably every party) because they’re so intellectually and morally superior to all the rest of us that they cannot be prevented from having the power to direct all of our lives. And of course, for this bunch “at all costs” includes rigging the election wherever necessary. We need to all be watching for this.