WATCH: Asked About Carbon Tax Hikes, McKenna Says “I’m Just Worried About Getting Re-Elected”

Interesting answer.

At a recent press conference, environment minister Catherine McKenna was asked about her recent backtracking on a previous promise not to keep hiking the carbon tax.

A while back, McKenna had claimed the carbon tax wouldn’t go up above $50 a tonne. Yet, she recently contradicted herself, as the Liberals appear to be admitting that they’ll be hiking the carbon tax.

She then contradicted herself again, trying to go back to her previous position after the damage was already done.

However, she gave the game away when asked about it most recently, as you can watch below:

“Gosh, I’m just worried about getting re-elected, earning the right to represent Ottawa Centre. Anyway, thanks very much.”

Then she walks away.

How’s that for openness and transparency?

The problem facing McKenna and the Liberals is that they’ve talked themselves into a corner, saying Canada is facing an imminent ‘climate crisis’ while also doubling down on a carbon tax that is increasingly unpopular, and ineffective at achieving results.

So, the Liberals know they’re going to increase the carbon tax, but admitting that – as McKenna ‘mistakenly’ did previously – will cost them votes. That leaves them playing this deceptive game where they say what’s necessary to win at all costs, while leaving the unpopular stuff for after Canadians cast our ballots.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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