WATCH: Arrogant Trudeau Brags About Bribing The Media With Your Money

The arrogance is astounding.

A video of Justin Trudeau is generating intense outrage on social media, and with good reason.

The video shows Justin Trudeau speaking at the Parliamentary Press dinner.

While the event is generally a time for politicians to make ‘jokes’ and poke fun at each other and themselves, the ‘joke’ Trudeau chose to make shows his arrogance, and reveals more truth than he was probably expecting.

Here it is:

Trudeau outright says “we paid them $600 million” to buy off the media in order to get good coverage.

First of all, that’s not Trudeau’s money. It’s YOUR money. Money taken away from you through taxes.

Second, the ‘joke’ might have been funny if the Trudeau Liberals were getting negative media coverage, except their coverage has been astoundingly fawning. Even during ‘scandals,’ the media runs interference for them, and skews the coverage in their favour.

And considering what we’ve seen with the horrendous anti-Conservative bias of the media, especially with the recent manufactured smear on Andrew Scheer, it’s totally obvious that the media has been corrupted by Trudeau’s bailout and is doing everything they can to ensure he wins the election.

So, while Trudeau may have thought he was joking, the reality is that his joke actually contained the truth: He’s using your tax dollars to buy off the media, and control the narrative as the election approaches.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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