WATCH: Arrogant Trudeau Brags About Bribing The Media With Your Money

The arrogance is astounding.

A video of Justin Trudeau is generating intense outrage on social media, and with good reason.

The video shows Justin Trudeau speaking at the Parliamentary Press dinner.

While the event is generally a time for politicians to make ‘jokes’ and poke fun at each other and themselves, the ‘joke’ Trudeau chose to make shows his arrogance, and reveals more truth than he was probably expecting.

Here it is:

Trudeau outright says “we paid them $600 million” to buy off the media in order to get good coverage.

First of all, that’s not Trudeau’s money. It’s YOUR money. Money taken away from you through taxes.

Second, the ‘joke’ might have been funny if the Trudeau Liberals were getting negative media coverage, except their coverage has been astoundingly fawning. Even during ‘scandals,’ the media runs interference for them, and skews the coverage in their favour.

And considering what we’ve seen with the horrendous anti-Conservative bias of the media, especially with the recent manufactured smear on Andrew Scheer, it’s totally obvious that the media has been corrupted by Trudeau’s bailout and is doing everything they can to ensure he wins the election.

So, while Trudeau may have thought he was joking, the reality is that his joke actually contained the truth: He’s using your tax dollars to buy off the media, and control the narrative as the election approaches.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

The Media is just as corrupt as Turdeau,and they will pay for that

Gerri Page

It’s up to the people to vote him out but how many won’t?


We hope Canadians see through this and not watch or listen or purchase from these biased Media. There a hand full of Great reporting Fact journalists out there. Follow them.


Remind the advertisers that they are supporting and paying for media manipulation of news, Consumers don’t believe much of what is allowed to be presented which means we don’t believe much of what they advertise.

Donald O'Kane

I knew they were doing that when they first announced the 600 milliom bail out. Useing taxpayer money for their election platform is HIGHLY ILLEGAL and they should be investigated and removed from the ballots. Their party should be disbanded and charged by the RCMP for misallocating taxpayer money and useing it for their campaign. He just admitted doing that and should be held accountable for that. Throw the Liberal Party under the bus as they have done to so many others.


LIEberals also have not called the election yet, which means we are almost paying all their parties travels and bookings and re election costs still along with tax dollar paid advertising by their bought out media. So whether we even “support” Lieberals you’re forced to pay for this totalitarian Regime. This will be the last election for Canada and it is fixed with our tax dollars and more debt for their post national state for foreigners who hate us. Shame on Canada. Our only hope is the RCMP arrests them, or our armed forces turns on them, or somehow enough… Read more »

Mike Sharkey

The corrupt media that accepts this deal is very short sighted.
It will be their downfall, they will follow Trudeau into oblivion.


justin taxes all media and then takes those monies and distributes it only amongst his preferred media.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau in using our tax dollars to bribe, not buy the media,{ buying implies ownership}, has gotten what he wanted, a compliant and somewhat adoring media. But, Canadians have yet to get anything of value from this waste of tax dollars, by an increasingly arrogant and very smug PM, except for the knowledge that the media is now very untrustworthy for having accepted this bribe from Trudeau. With Trudeau’s open acknowledgement of having bribed the media, he has made his certain his messages to the public will be viewed as the lies they are and the media will see fewer… Read more »

Joe MacDonald

Well Said..!!!


Shows that the rule of laws are dead for the privilege and everyone else is bound by them.


Who’s surprised?

Oh yeah

Trudeau suffers from same liberal brain disorder as most people, who lean left. Insanity! In his case the extreme cold may have destroyed any active brain cells. So the Clowns of the left share that loss of intelligence replaced by alien diseases of mouth. In a few years the voters will get rid of them for an even more insane group of perverted politicians.


Fake news. Lol this is ridiculous