MMIWG Inquiry Report Dramatically Overstated Homicide Numbers

The incorrect information is still in the official report.

A report from – surprisingly – the CBC, has found that the official Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls inquiry dramatically overstated some of the key homicide numbers.

The report, which was widely criticized for using the term ‘ongoing genocide,’ claimed that 25% of Canadian homicide victims were Indigenous women and girls.

However, that was an error.

The real number is 6%.

That is a huge discrepancy.

And while the online version was changed, the official report remains unchanged and uncorrected, meaning the official government and historical record remains based on falsehoods.

There are other falsehoods in the report.

One of the most startling, and oft-quoted claims is that “statistics show that Indigenous women and girls are 12 times more likely to experience violence than non-Indigenous women.”

However, the real rate is 2.7 times more likely.

Of course, even the real stats show that there is a higher level of violence experienced by Indigenous women and girls, and that is certainly something that must be addressed and fixed. However, the MMIWG report – which already had serious credibility problems by using the term genocide – is even less credible considering how many mistakes and false claims there are in the report.

Canadians deserve real answers, and the truth must be followed, wherever it may lead. Unfortunately, the serious errors in the MMIWG report makes the truth even tougher to find.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube