Feds Appointing Dominic Barton As Next Ambassador To Communist China

Canada has been without an ambassador to the Communist State for some time, amid a deepening crisis in relations.

The dumpster fire that is Canada-China relations is about to be handed off to Dominic Barton.

According to reports, Barton will be named the next ambassador to the Communist State.

As noted by BNN Bloomberg, “Barton has been chair of Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s advisory council on economic growth since February 2016, and recently served as global managing partner emeritus at consulting firm McKinsey & Company.”

Barton takes over at a time when the Communist State is arbitrarily detaining two Canadian citizens, blocking some of our exports, and repeatedly belittling and attempting to humiliate our country.

Barton’s time as an ambassador could also be short-lived, with a federal election looming.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Wont matter he will replaced in less then 2 months now


Why do wee need ambassador for China who has been bad business partner all along.We can trade with USA Central America,South America,Australia,New Zealand,Taiwan,Europe,Africa etc,etc.Put China on the back burner we don’t need them.They only create problems for us.It has been proven how they look down on us.They don’t even talk to us.Let them have conversation with themselves.

Eric Blair

Great… but is he a diplomat?

old white guy

Does it really matter????