United Steelworkers Slam Trudeau

“Why would we choose Justin Trudeau when he doesn’t choose us.”

The United Steelworkers, one of Canada’s biggest unions, is slamming the Trudeau Liberals in a new ad.

While Trudeau has tried to pretend he’s a supporter of steelworkers, the reality is exactly the opposite.

In the ad, the steelworkers rip Trudeau’s record, and urge support for the NDP:

“Why would we choose Justin Trudeau when he doesn’t choose us. There’s only one party that puts working-class people first — Jagmeet Singh and the NDP,”

In an interview, United Steelworkers Executive Mark Rowlinson said didn’t hold back, criticizing the government on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the European Union trade deal, and Canada-US trade.

Trudeau was also slammed over his refusal to protect the pensions of workers:

“Our members, whether they are in the steel sector or other sectors, their pensions and their benefits are at risk if their companies should face insolvency. We think that is fundamentally unfair and disappointed that the government hasn’t done anything to address that issue.”

According to Rowlinson, the ads will run in the key industrial areas of Hamilton & southwestern Ontario.

The report on the United Steelworkers anti-Trudeau campaign comes after Trudeau got a negative reception at a Labour Day rally, being booed and chanted down by many attendees.

Trudeau also betrayed Canadian Steelworkers when allowed Chinese steel to be used for upcoming LNG projects in BC, which will cost tens of thousands of Canadian jobs.


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Hi other union members what is your comment.You also got thrown under the bus.I wander if you have seen the light now.Some people have one face unfortunately some people have more than one.Ineed not say more.Do I ?


So the United Steel Workers are backing the NDP an anti Oil, Gas & COAL party. Brilliant move it will be interesting to see how they will manufacture Steel with the use of Solar Panels and Wind Turbines.


Exactly, they will get nothing out of NDP the same as nothing out of Liberals. The people who follow United Steelworkers Executive will be dumped by their own leaders when NDP phase out Oil and Gas industry.

old white guy

What will be even more interesting is how they manufacture wind turbines and solar panels with out the steel, the coal, the oil and the gas.

Brian Dougan

Right on the money. I’d be very interested in hearing their answer. It’s quite likely many people on the shop floor wouldn’t vote for the guy with the ridiculous pink turban. Just the–ahem–shall we say; well compensated union leaders. The NDP quit being for the “little guy” with the death of Tommy Douglas. “Making steel w/ solar panels and wind turbines.” Your comment gave me a good laugh. However; it would greatly enrich the wind turbine tycoon/thief Geraldine Butthead. Wind turbines are our strength! (Provided they intersect with gender….”) I Googled “Trudeau; intersect with gender.” I wanted to provide the… Read more »


If the NDP were keen on the workers who pay union dues, they would have raised a ‘stink’ at the union bosses for taking the little guy’s hard working ‘dues’ to promote Trudeau or on themselves(ndp).
Strange as it may seem but it was under PMSH gov, a private member’s bill was put out ‘on behalf of union workers who wanted to a ‘secret ballot’ but the NDP and other parties voted against the wishes of those union workers.


Is this one of the first steps Trudeau is using to shut down the steel, aluminum and metal manufacturing industry in Canada? By it’s very nature, steel manufacturing creates pollution which Trudeau and Babs hate. It stands to reason that he / they intend to close down those industries and give the work to his Communist Chinese friends. More unemployed Canadians, another destroyed industry. What a legacy.

old white guy

Unions suggesting that workers support the NDP socialist, well, colour me red.


I do support all Canadian steel being used! But the unions sound a little dumb supporting the NDP, if anything many of their policies are anti jobs/prosperity, just like the Liberals and Greens. Must be some back door deals going on. If anything I would expect Maxine Bernier’s and the PPC policies to be ultimately better suited to protecting Canadians as a whole, but of course no backrooms deals will happen so no Union would like that. Hopefully the union members will think with their own minds (Conservative or PPC) instead of listening to the union heads, as the heads… Read more »

Paul Cook

What a moron. Bozo The Clown has no idea what he is doing. He is a complete and utter embarrassment to all Canadians.
How could any qualified Canadian eligible to vote think that this imbecile is qualified to be our Prime Minister?
What a joke.

Dale Evjen

Obviously the United Steelworkers are idiots if they think the NDPathetics will do any better for them than the treasonous Lieberals !!!

Brian Stewart

Funny but most unions support the liberals even after being shafted by them

Shawn Harris

Trudeau sees the steel industry the same way he does the oil industry, both need to be phased out. And what better way to do that than by guaranteeing China gets 42 billion dollars worth of steel pipeline contracts while under cutting and potentially crippling the steel industry. In both cases, no Canadian made steel gets used and no Canadian oil or gas pipelines get built by Canadians, read Trans Mountain, makes sense to Trudeau. Trudeau, over the last four years has proven, a few things, he is hopeless on the economy, international issues affecting Canada and Canadians and doing… Read more »