GROSS: Elitist Liberals Who Support Millionaire PM Trudeau Launch Hashtag Attacking Scheer’s Middle-Class Upbringing

The Liberals love to spit on the lifestyles of regular Canadians every chance they get.

In a clear example of how dirty the next election will be, the elitist Liberals have launched a hashtag attacking Andrew Scheer’s middle-class upbringing.

The hashtag is #ScheerWasSoPoorThat, and follows Scheer saying the following:

“I’m a kid who grew up in a townhouse, in a family that didn’t own a car, whose mother lived with her eight siblings in a two-bedroom house on a dirt road, and today I am running to be Prime Minister.”

Scheer’s upbringing contrasts dramatically with Justin Trudeau, who grew up in the halls of power and inherited over $1 million, in addition to inheriting a Mercedes valued at around $2 million.

Yet, supports of the elitist Trudeau are now making gross attacks, trying to make light of Scheer’s upbringing. I won’t share those attacks, because they shouldn’t get any more attention here, but I will share some of the Tweets of people pushing back against the pathetic Liberal elites:

“Yikes. The #ScheerWasSoPoorThat hashtag is a fairly lame & mean-spirited attempt for mainstream Liberals on Twitter to appear witty. What’s next? Comments about his mother? Good grief.”

“While growing up my family went bankrupt,and we lost our home due to the policies of Trudeau Senior. This hashtag, #ScheerWasSoPoorThat is extremely insensitive & reminiscent of some pretty dark times. Thank you Twitter for never ceasing to amaze me.”

“#ScheerWasSoPoorThat that he began to stand up for Canadians, because Liberals idiots are making fun and bullying those who struggle to make ends meet under the Liberals Trudeau government. #scheerforpm

“The election hasn’t even started yet and Liberals are already making fun of people who are poor.”

This gross hashtag from the Liberals shows out-of-touch they are, and how much they have contempt for the lifestyles of regular middle class Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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Most c’dians are either ‘middle class heading to poverty line or are in poverty already. Very few are of middle class.

Shawn Harris

And since when did Trudeau, Morneau or other wealthy elitist Liberals ever walk a mile in the shoes of the working poor or the overtaxed middle class, to know and experience just what life is like for them. To Trudeau, Morneau and other Liberals , the poor and middle class exist only to be ridiculed, mocked, and lied to, while, in the elitists minds of Trudeau , Morneau and other Liberals, they serve no greater purpose than to be exploited for their expected votes and loyalty to the oh so generous Liberal party. At least Scheer, like millions of other… Read more »

Leo Frey

Thank you to Trudy and all his minion MP’s. You have made it easy for millions of Canadians to decide who to vote for. Shame on you overpaid useless government do-nothings.


I am putting the Liberals LAST! WHERE THEY PUT ME!


Bruno   This is absolutely sick.It makes me throw up.How low can one get.I was told while growing up, to never make a fool of someone who is unfortunate “God” may punish you and you may become the same..At least our Mother has taught us some moral values. I had a lady tenant who was very poor on welfare with no job and two children to feed.One day when I called on them a little boy had a jar,and I asked him what is this for, and the little boy said we collect pennies for the poor. What I… Read more »