May & Scheer Top Choices On Ethics, Trudeau Trails

Not a big surprise considering the constant violation of ethics laws by the Liberal PM.

A new Nanos Research survey for The Globe & Mail reveals what Canadians think about the ethics of the top party leaders.

When asked which party leader would “be the best at leading an ethical government,” here’s who people picked:

Elizabeth May – 22.8%

Andrew Scheer – 20%

Justin Trudeau – 16.5%

Jagmeet Singh – 10.1%

Maxime Bernier – 2.9%

Another 13.4% said ‘none’ of the party leaders would lead an ethical government, while 11.6% are ‘unsure.’

These numbers show why the Liberals are at risk of losing power, but also shows why the election is close. While Trudeau’s ethics numbers are terrible for a sitting PM, Scheer’s numbers aren’t that great either, and could hamper his ability to take advantage of Trudeau’s ethics failures.

Scheer will have to make the case that he will be different, and convince some of those undecided voters to take a chance and support him. That will hinge on his credibility, making the debates all the more important.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube