NDP Support Collapses In New Poll

The Liberals are the biggest beneficiary of the NDP slide.

A new Mainstreet Research poll shows the NDP collapsing to fourth place, trailing the Green Party and facing the prospect of a total wipeout.

It’s also bad news for the Conservatives.

The Liberals appear to be the biggest beneficiaries of the NDP collapse, with their support reaching 37.5% among decided and leaning voters. The Conservatives trail with 34%.

The Greens are in third with 10.8%, while the NDP has fallen to a mere 8.4%.

At those support levels, the NDP faces the prospect of losing nearly all of their seats.

The regional breakdowns in this poll – which it should be emphasized is just one poll out of many – is also bad news for the Conservatives.

BCConservatives 37%, Liberals 25%, Greens 18%, NDP 13%, PPC 5%

AlbertaConservatives 63%, Liberals 20%, Greens 8%, NDP 4%, PPC 4%

MB/SaskConservatives 51%, Liberals 24%, NDP 11%, Greens 8%, PPC 5%

OntarioLiberals 45%, Conservatives 30%, Greens 10%, NDP 8%, PPC 5%

QuebecLiberals 40%, Conservatives 21%, Bloc 16%, Greens 9%, NDP 9%, PPC 4%

AtlanticLiberals 49, Conservatives 29%, Greens 12%, NDP 8%, PPC 1%

A few thoughts about this poll.

First, the Liberal lead in Ontario and Atlantic Canada is a bit of an outlier compared to most other polls, which show the Liberals and Conservatives within the margin of error. The Conservative lead in BC is also larger than in most other polls.

This is the worst poll the NDP has seen in sometime, and though it may be slightly underestimating their support, the fact is that they have had brutally bad momentum for a long-time, and it’s quite possible that the Greens are ahead of the NDP as Jagmeet Singh’s struggles continue.

Another factor is the PPC. At 5% nationwide, the People’s Party would be unlikely to win any seats – aside from Bernier’s – but could be the difference between a Conservative minority, or a Liberal minority, or even Liberal majority if the Ontario & Atlantic numbers were replicated on election day. With many Ontario ridings being closely contested, 5% will make a big difference.

Of course, nobody is owed a vote, and the Conservatives need to compete for votes like anyone else. That said, it’s quite possible the People’s Party vote could be larger than the margin between the Conservatives & Liberals in many ridings.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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What is wrong with eastern Canada? How could anyone vote Liberal?


With all the tax payer bribes the lieberals have doled out, and the LIE beral demonizing tax paid fake media, are any of these polls paid to report these things too? There was a disgusting Ipos Poll this morning released in the LIEberal fake media, similar results as this one but they had comments section open so that is where everyone almost disagreed with their results and wondered how many misinformed Canadians were there? which is very disturbing.

Major Tom

Which socialist party to vote for? Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!


The CPC is in trouble because they’ve drifted left to the point where they are merely Blue Liberals. This is why Max left them, and why real conservatives have left the CPC. Yes, it is quite possible that the PPC supporters may cost the CPC wins in tightly contested ridings, but the question arises: Why isn’t the CPC making any attempt to win those supporters back? I see Scheer as a globalist who loves supply management, the UN, and is a supporter of the Paris Climate Accord. I cannot support such a leader or party. Let the chips fall where… Read more »

Peter Nind

How could Ontario, Quebec, Citizens be so Blind, Dumb, or Misled by the Liberal Party, and their Devious Ways, Dishonesty,Out and Out Lies, Promises that will never happen, as in past Election ? Do they not realize that another 4 Years of Trudeau will be the end of a Great Country, and all that we have worked so hard for ? I guess they “JUST DON’T CARE” !! I for one will move out rather than watch a Beautiful Country be DESTROYED . Peter

William Jones

Proving my comment of the sixties when I was ‘advised’ by two M.P.s of the day that I should feel lucky, having 3 political parties and Canada, to which I responded: “We do not have three political parties in Canada, we have one party with three names.” It seems I was correct.

Shawn Harris

Jagmeet Singh and the NDP have created this situation where the Greens and other parties are stealing their base of voters. And that suits the Liberals, Conservatives and others just fine.Like all political parties there comes a time when the public no longer sees their relevance and won’t support them anymore. The NDP have been it’s worst nightmare for the last four years, taking more than two years to elect a new leader. Then going with new policies that were right out of the sixties. They presented themselves as being just a protest party and now they are reaping their… Read more »


Another 4 years of Trudeau? Who are the crazy people voting for this fool? They must be illiterate or have no ethics or morals. Maybe all three.