Jagmeet Singh’s ‘Made In Canada’ Procurement Plan Is A Good Idea

Canadian taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be going to foreign companies.

I don’t often agree with Jagmeet Singh, but it’s important to call it like I see it. And when it comes to his Made In Canada procurement plan is a good idea.

Singh outlined the plan in the first leaders debate, saying that whenever the federal government spends taxpayer dollars on a project, those funds should be kept in Canada.

A key example of why that policy is needed can be seen in the recent betrayal of Canadian steelworkers by the Trudeau Liberals. The Liberals lifted tariffs that were blocking Chinese steel from being used on two massive LNG projects in BC.

By lifting those tariffs, the Liberals cost tens of thousands of Canadian steelworker jobs, and deprived Canadian steel companies of the opportunity to profit from the project. Instead, those jobs, and those profits, will go to Communist China. Since the government has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the project, it is only fair that they can require the project to use Canadian steel and Canadian workers.

And when it comes to direct procurement from the federal government, it’s outrageous that our taxpayer dollars are spent outside our country.

Jagmeet Singh is right to be focusing on a Made In Canada approach, as our country needs to reduce our dependence on foreign countries and build up our economy here at home. Unfortunately, Singh hasn’t expanded that common sense thinking to Canada’s energy industry, as he is proposing policies that would devastate the industry and increase purchases of foreign oil, which is unacceptable. Canadian Energy must be part of any Made In Canada plan.

So, while Jagmeet Singh’s overall economic policy is not good, his Made In Canada proposal is something that the other parties should copy.

Spencer Fernando

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Beverley Campbell

Why then, do so many decry this policy when it comes to Trump and his Made in America? I totally believe that we should stop the money drain as far as Trudeau spreading it around to make himself feel like a man and I do believe that our policy must become “Made in Canada”, at least until we fix this global idiocy of a mess that the Turd has brought us to.


He also is raising minimum wage a buck and add a living wage…
Yup more immigrants are required…

If living wage was in our governments agenda, they would have done it already and pensioners wouldn’t be complaining. But our governments cherry pick numbers as pensioners are being decimated with inflation and taxes.


I agree, I have been saying that for years, we used to be told by our governments to buy Canadian and we did, but all the free trade started and you were forced to buy foreign, I still try to buy North American if I can.
I must add though that Doug Ford promotes this too.


I agree with him but that in no way is enough to vote NDP. Not much the ndp could say they would do could trick me into voting for a very far left party.


Didn’t PM Harper have some sort of policy giving preference to a Government financed project if the bid by a Canadian company was 5% or 10% over one from a foreign company?

Trudeau favoring his big donors is his standard practice. To hell with Canada.

Guy-Paul Roy

Save the fact that NDP can’t run a Province let alone a Country. A few great ideas do not make proper PM.

Shawn Harris

Canada is a country where good policies go to die. Canada needs real policies that actually help to develop our economy and produce real prosperity for all. The 42 billion dollar betrayal of Canadian steelworkers by Trudeau, to China, gives clear proof of what China wanted in exchange for all those private fundraising dinners Trudeau held. And Trudeau actually values his relationship with China and love for communism higher than that of Canada, our economy and our citizens being held illegally by China. All of our current economic troubles we face, show that we need more real and beneficial Canadian… Read more »

old white guy

Singh is a socialist who will do nothing to improve Canada ins any way. he will increase the financial bleeding until what is left of Canada is a third world dried up husk, worthless and populated by leeches who want everything for nothing. That is the legacy of socialists everywhere.