Liberals REFUSING To Release Independent Costing Of Campaign Promises: Blacklock’s

So open! So transparent!

The Trudeau Liberals are refusing to release an independent costing of their campaign promise.

The Parliamentary Budget Office is costing the campaign promises of all the major parties, and the Conservatives, NDP, and Greens have said they will release the numbers.

But the Liberals won’t be doing so.

As reported by Blacklock’s, the Liberals will not be releasing the independently costed numbers:

“Libs won’t disclose Budget Office costing of #elxn43 promises, only big party to do so.”

It is outrageous that the Liberals – who once said they would be running the ‘most open and transparent’ government, are now hiding the independent costing of their promises.

As I’ve said many times before, this shows that the Liberals are basing their entire campaign on lies and deception.

The full Blacklock’s reporter article can be read here, note that it is behind a paywall.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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And yet the wise and educated lib faithful continue to support the most corrupt cult leader this country has ever seen. I cannot even begin to comprehend it.

Doug Maenpaa

What can one expect ?

From someone who says that the “budget will balance itself”.


I cant wait to hear what Elizabeth May’s promises will cost. Lots of “free” stuff.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau not releasing the total cost of his promises, has everything to do with confirming the outrageous cost to the public really. Strange isn’t it, that Trudeau has had no problem blowing through more than sixty billion dollars in borrowed money, while acting as PM and yet he has become terrified to release the costs of his promises to the public in this election. Could it be, that it would focus the spotlight on his incompetence and confirm what everyone already knows, that Trudeau is a spendthrift fraud and liar without any idea on to govern Canada for the benefit… Read more »

William Jones

Again, the everlasting but obvious question arises — “And we would expect?”


Desperate promises from a failed leader. Come October we will know the level of stupidity of the Canadian voter.

William Jones

No surprise here — secrecy and deceit are the hallmarks of the Liberal Party of Canada — and, in a country such as Canada, such actions are a national disgrace.


I have come to learn that our “leaders” have become this massive vote buying machine, using our money to further socialize the country. We are on a downward trajectory. Things need to change, and rather quickly.


Oh my, I glanced at the photo of Justin holding the shovel and at first I thought he was holding a giant silver spoon.
Thank you Spencer and the other avenues that give us the truth.