Liberals REFUSING To Release Independent Costing Of Campaign Promises: Blacklock’s

So open! So transparent!

The Trudeau Liberals are refusing to release an independent costing of their campaign promise.

The Parliamentary Budget Office is costing the campaign promises of all the major parties, and the Conservatives, NDP, and Greens have said they will release the numbers.

But the Liberals won’t be doing so.

As reported by Blacklock’s, the Liberals will not be releasing the independently costed numbers:

“Libs won’t disclose Budget Office costing of #elxn43 promises, only big party to do so.”

It is outrageous that the Liberals – who once said they would be running the ‘most open and transparent’ government, are now hiding the independent costing of their promises.

As I’ve said many times before, this shows that the Liberals are basing their entire campaign on lies and deception.

The full Blacklock’s reporter article can be read here, note that it is behind a paywall.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube