Rick James Would Be Proud: Trudeau Looks ‘Energized’ At Campaign Rally


Many people are commenting on a video of Justin Trudeau, shared by Trudeau’s own Twitter account, showing the PM looking ‘energized’ before heading into a rally in Windsor.

Most of the joking around is in good fun, but Trudeau does appear to many people to be a tad ‘off’ in the video, with the energy seeming insincere, or perhaps aided by external boosts.

You can watch the video below:

And people are talking about it:



“@JustinTrudeau looked this he was on something tonight. His pupils stood out to me, not to mention the over the top energy. When you’re in bright light, it shrinks to protect your eye and keep light out.”

“And it’s completely staged hilarious”

Of course, it’s highly unlikely Trudeau is actually using cocaine on the campaign trail. More likely, it’s some bad acting, or some legal drug that politicians use.

Still, this probably isn’t the reaction the Liberals thought they would get when they shared the video, and it shows that Canadians can see through the insincerity.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Garlet Farlett

Maybe sampling some of the legal weed??


He would be laying back saying pass me the Doritos.

Leasa Janssen

Weed would slow him down. This is more like a coke bump. Actually, exactly like coke…but then again, I’m no expert.

Margaret Smith

He chooses forward.. Forward for who??? Certainly not the struggling number of Canadians that he promised to move forward in 2015.


My first thought – Is he on drugs of some sort?


That is always my first thought. The second is, how is this going to help him, while hurting Canadians.


Trudeau is as high as a kite. Why is there no drug testing

Shawn Harris

And to think he wants us all trust him, definitely not. And considering his dismal record while in office, it makes you wonder just what he was using when he made decisions, like the decision to obstruct justice and accept bribes from chinese millionaires; that resulted in Canada giving China 42 billion dollars in steel contracts for a gas pipeline, while Canadians are being held illegally and are farmers art getting shafted by China.

William Jones

Again, the question arises: “And we would expect?”