RIGGED: CBC ‘Fact Check’ On Universal Tax Cut Reveals Rampant Anti-Conservative Bias

How can the election be called ‘free and fair’ with such rampant bias?

The Trudeau Liberals have a huge advantage in this election campaign:

Rampant anti-Conservative media bias.

And the CBC is a huge part of that Liberal advantage.

Just consider their latest ‘fact check’ on the Conservatives universal tax cut:

“Fact Check: The Tories say their plan to reduce the rate on the lowest income tax bracket is a “universal tax cut.” But millions of Canadian pay no income tax.”

That is an insane ‘fact check,’ and it isn’t even factual.

The Conservatives Universal Tax Cut cuts taxes for everyone who pays taxes. Therefore, it is universal.

It is literally impossible to cut the income tax for people who don’t pay income tax.

So, by definition, a policy that cuts the level at which the tax kicks in ends up reducing taxes for everyone.

And as you can see in the chart below, the Conservative Tax Cut is far better for low-income and middle-class Canadians than the Liberals so-called ‘middle class tax cut.’

Tax Cut Chart

If the CBC was being fair and unbiased, they would report that Scheer’s tax cut is in fact universal, and that it’s far better for the vast majority of Canadians when compared to the Liberal plan.

Instead, they’re acting like the press arm of the Liberal campaign, trying to manipulate and bias the election against the Conservatives.

The whole thing seems rigged at this point.

That’s why we need websites like SpencerFernando.com to push back against this rampant anti-Conservative media bias.

Spencer Fernando

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