The Liberals Are Spreading More Election Disinformation Online

More false claims, but of course the Liberals won’t demand social media companies take any action, since the rules don’t apply to the Liberal elites.

The Trudeau Liberals are spreading more election disinformation online.

Here’s one of their recent Tweets:

“Who do you want negotiating the next health accords with Doug Ford and Jason Kenney? Andrew Scheer who thinks cutting services is the way to go, or Justin Trudeau who will fight for accessible & affordable health care for you & your family? Your choice matters.”

Those are outright lies.

It’s disinformation.

The Conservatives have been clear that healthcare spending will keep going up in a Scheer government. Also, healthcare spending in Ontario is also going up under the Ford Government.

So, the Liberals are lying to Canadians.

This is exactly the kind of ‘social media disinformation’ that Karina Gould and the Liberals claimed they were against and demanded social media companies stop.

But lo and behold, when it’s the Liberals spreading the lies, the rules don’t apply.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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