The Liberals Are Spreading More Election Disinformation Online

More false claims, but of course the Liberals won’t demand social media companies take any action, since the rules don’t apply to the Liberal elites.

The Trudeau Liberals are spreading more election disinformation online.

Here’s one of their recent Tweets:

“Who do you want negotiating the next health accords with Doug Ford and Jason Kenney? Andrew Scheer who thinks cutting services is the way to go, or Justin Trudeau who will fight for accessible & affordable health care for you & your family? Your choice matters.”

Those are outright lies.

It’s disinformation.

The Conservatives have been clear that healthcare spending will keep going up in a Scheer government. Also, healthcare spending in Ontario is also going up under the Ford Government.

So, the Liberals are lying to Canadians.

This is exactly the kind of ‘social media disinformation’ that Karina Gould and the Liberals claimed they were against and demanded social media companies stop.

But lo and behold, when it’s the Liberals spreading the lies, the rules don’t apply.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


With media bias reaching unprecedented levels, Canada needs independent voices like Spencer Fernando now more than ever. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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I fear the left more everyday.


I still find it hard to believe that some people cannot think for themselves and cannot see the destruction the lefties lies do to our country.




Have we all listened to or read President Trumps excellent speech at the UN. Especially that last paragraph, he is the best leader a country could have ever, I would feel really proud and safe to have a PM behaving like this man. Instead we have a unethical globalist puppet Crime Minister and a bought out mainstream media that constantly criticizes Pres. Trump and for making America great again. This makes me really want our Conservatives to say we are stepping out of the U.N. for sure and make Canada ours again, we were number one under PM Harper and… Read more »

Don Piche

Nancy: I hate to burst your bubble, but Harper committed Canada to the UN’s Agenda 2030 & the absolutely terrible FIPA deal with China (please look it up online for yourself). Both The LIBS & CPC have put Canadians into this situation without any concern, discussion or debate. Only Max Bernier & The PPC will actually take Canada out of these ruinous agreements.


Don Piche, I did just look again, and yes new articles in the Toronto Star and the CBC and of course newer still by the PPC all kind of blame PM Harper but these articles are slanted funny though as if you read articles when PM Harper was in power He did not like what the UN had turned into with the worst Communist countries running things and he stepped out of the lieberal UN Kyoto Accord, then the Paris accord, then the UN’s Aboriginal plan, He even stopped attending the UN once he had a majority government and was… Read more »

Shawn Harris

What can you expect from a Trudeau Liberal government that has declared that it alone will be the final arbiter on what is the truth. To the Liberals everything is lie , unless of course the lie starts from within the PM’s office or the Liberal party; then it becomes the gold standard for being true and not to be challenged. And Trudeau will point to his bought off media as proof that what he says is the truth. It was just four years ago Trudeau promised openness and transparency, but has delivered state controlled media and a rigged election… Read more »


of course they are

old white guy

“Healthcare spending will continue to go up under a Sheer government”, as will everything else with the liberal lite conservatives.