Justin Trudeau Thinks Veterans Are Asking For Too Much, While He Promises To Give People $2000 To Go Camping


Justin Trudeau has been walking around and canoeing, in an effort to put out some images that distract from his blackface debacle.

And he recently made an announcement that a re-elected Liberal government would give some people up to $2000 to go camping.


Think of how much that will end up costing.

Think of whether it makes sense to give people money for something that is supposed to be a private choice – going to a campground.

And then, think about the hypocrisy.

Because Justin Trudeau, the guy promising to give people $2000 to go camping, is the same guy who said Veterans were asking for too much.

That says it all about Justin Trudeau’s priorities.

He expects us to believe that there’s somehow no money for the brave Veterans who served our nation, but there’s enough money for him to make absurd spending promises during the election campaign.

Who could possibly believe anything he’s saying?

This is disgusting.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

Trudeau the Narcissist has got to be the most IGNORANT <ARROGANT PM in Canadian history

Glen Runowski

Justin wants us to get accustomed to the life of the homeless.


Idiotic. Nothing else to write on this.


If you listen to this campaign it is a promise to give to buy votes. Not a thing about job creation by lowering taxes,better trade opportunities,less bureaucracy,health care etc etc. We are moving to socialism.

old white guy

Every party except the PPC is promising the world on a silver platter. I don’t know just what Canadians they plan on screwing out of their money but there are very few of us left who have anything that the government can steal, they have taken most of it and are still borrowing more.


The are not polling remotely close to do anything but keep Justin in power. Do you really want that?


They are polling too low. It is a win for the liberals to vote for the PPC.

Eleanor Merkus

Everything he says and does is disgusting. Vote accordingly.


Spencer, yesterday I went to sign up for my usual post for fed election and I cast my vote already. My ballor is in the box. Done.
Trudeau is buying everyone for now then all is taken away if he returns to office. His slaves the reporters, were bought to do his command.
So I am not surprise he is doing it to the indigenous.


At the rate we’re going, many of us will be ‘camping’ because our economy will have collapsed, the jobs will be gone, and our homes will be lost.

Moe S.

The city of Peterborough recently evicted a large gathering of homeless tent-dwellers, a total of approx. 40 tents, had been occupying one of the downtown municipal parks since the spring. Peterborough’s very own Federal Minister Maryam Monsef’s newly renovated office is located two streets over from the tent city that prevented local residents from using ALL summer. I’m sure the tent city folks would love a $2000 dollar, four days of camping in a nice Provincial park nearby.

Diane DiFlorio

Just when you think Trudy couldn’t do anything more idiotic. Who are the “some” people — ?
Realistically, why would anyone believe anything he spews?

David MacKAY

Trudeau’s “Privileged Background” is his excuse for being a stupid man…and he expects that is reason enough for Canadians to vote for him? Obstruction of Justice, Interterfering with Prosecution, firing cabinet minister who refuse to embrace abuse of power, being found “twice” in violation of ethics – as in Criminal. At this point his own Father would have kicked him out of the Liberal Party.

H. G. Wells

That’s what happens when you admire Fidel Castro & Maoist China.


No matter what he promises just to get voted back in will be a lie cause he hasn’t kept his promises …


Millions of dollars for holidays and electric cars, but the veterans can shove it. This is Scheer’s election to lose and he seems to be doing a fine job of it.


This is disgusting, he is buying votes, and giving money to everywhere in the world except Canadian patriots. Wake up people, he doesn’t keep his promises, vote him OUT!!!

H. G. Wells

4.5 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. What would that have provided for veterans?

H. G. Wells

I stopped adding the totals at $392,315,300. Add another 4.5 million paid to the Clinton “Foundation”. Gees, what couldn’t have been accomplished with that absurd total for veterans? Vote him out.