Elizabeth May Wants Canada To Bring In “Tens Of Thousands” Of ‘Climate Refugees’

Green Party leader says we have an “obligation.”

Elizabeth May wants Canada to bring in tens of thousands of “climate refugees.”

Speaking to CTV News, May said “We have right now, depopulated areas across the country. We can build up infrastructure by 2030 and 2040 to accept far more people in regions, for instance in the Prairies, where there are depopulated places, in Atlantic Canada, and northern Quebec.”

Notably, May is basing her refugee numbers on United Nations claims that there will be 200 million ‘climate refugees’ by 2050.

“One of the points Greens make is we have to prepare,” said May. “By geography, we’re one of the biggest countries in the world, by population one of the smaller. We have an obligation; we’ve been one of the biggest polluters.”

Of course, May is wrong when she calls Canada one of the biggest polluters, as we are in fact on of the smallest polluters in the world. May also ignores that Canada is a cold weather country where long road trips are essential both for people visiting families and for commerce across the nation.

And with many social services in Canada already struggling under a massive surge in immigration – even as Canadians consistently say they want lower immigration levels – May’s proposal would lead to even more stress on Canadian taxpayers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube