Elizabeth May Wants Canada To Bring In “Tens Of Thousands” Of ‘Climate Refugees’

Green Party leader says we have an “obligation.”

Elizabeth May wants Canada to bring in tens of thousands of “climate refugees.”

Speaking to CTV News, May said “We have right now, depopulated areas across the country. We can build up infrastructure by 2030 and 2040 to accept far more people in regions, for instance in the Prairies, where there are depopulated places, in Atlantic Canada, and northern Quebec.”

Notably, May is basing her refugee numbers on United Nations claims that there will be 200 million ‘climate refugees’ by 2050.

“One of the points Greens make is we have to prepare,” said May. “By geography, we’re one of the biggest countries in the world, by population one of the smaller. We have an obligation; we’ve been one of the biggest polluters.”

Of course, May is wrong when she calls Canada one of the biggest polluters, as we are in fact on of the smallest polluters in the world. May also ignores that Canada is a cold weather country where long road trips are essential both for people visiting families and for commerce across the nation.

And with many social services in Canada already struggling under a massive surge in immigration – even as Canadians consistently say they want lower immigration levels – May’s proposal would lead to even more stress on Canadian taxpayers.

Spencer Fernando

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Elizabeth has been called a Kook! I have to agree with this Name for her. She has some very Crazy ideas which go against the Taxpayers of Canada! Again, another Socialist Party like the NDP and the Liberals. I know that Intelligent Canadians know better than to vote for any Socialist Party!


And EVERY ONE OF THEM will be required to live on Salt Spring Island!!!!


I must have a mental condition or am so far out of touch with reality…
Sure would love to be on the same drugs that make our politicians look at creating a lot more problems like they currently have in other European countries who have taken in vast many migrants and has not worked out.
For some mysterious reason, our politicians think we are loaded with cash to pay for all these promises and don’t count depreciation of our currency for many decades and suppressed wages.

Brian Mellor

Canada can not be the place for the world to go, wither for climate issues or economic issues. The world is at a cross roads being over populated, jobs disappearing because of technology, Oceans rising wiping out millions of homes, climate disasters continually increasing with more ferocity, and clean water disappearing around the world. Canada must be prepared to protect its own people and not join the rest of the world.

old white guy

Oceans rising? Where? Obama just bought a 15 million dollar place on the ocean in matha’s vineyard. Do you think he believes the oceans are rising?


Are we going to stand by and let these people ruin our way of life

Shawn Harris

Elizabeth May’s simplistic far left socialist thinking is exactly what has lead Canada, now, to the brink of economic ruin under Justin Trudeau and she wants to show Canadians that she and her Green Party can out borrow, out spend, overtax, over regulate and annihilate what is left of Canada better than Trudeau and his liberals. May must be thinking, that we have forgotten about the immigration mess we now have , no thanks to Trudeau and his post national state thinking and allowing illegal immigrants and refugees to flood across what is left of our sovereign border. One thing… Read more »


Pardon my ignorance, but what are “climate refugees”??????

Brian Dougan

Yvette: Whoever/whatever they are; they only exist in May’s empty head. She can pack quite a few into that space.

Trish Pharaon

Great reply, couldnt of said it better my self. 5/5 thumbs up.

Margaret Smith

People who suffer environmental changes in their country are considered climate refugees. Drought, rise in Sea level and changes in weather patterns are examples. Maybe Elizabeth May hasn’t noticed that Canada is experiencing changes in Weather patterns. Over populating areas in some regions will benefit no one. Canada is already in a crisis with our Health Care, Housing, Education and massive debt. I am not against helping anyone but I would certainly like to see her explain how we will implement her plan.

rosemary kennedy

There are many climate refugees in Canada already. They all leave the bitter cold that is Canada in the winter to avoid freezing to death. Just when is this warming going to happen?


I think she means people who live where it’s hot. I’ll trade spots with one of them.

pancake rachel corrie

Anybody but white people


The world is in a mess, the globalist, now communist run, UN’s agenda 21 is being put in place they hope by 2030, this is all on the UN’s own web site, so it is not propaganda. Canada will go down fast with another lefty UN trained radicals running the country yet again, and radicalizing the children as we have just watched happening. and our media. We are watching as President Trump is being demonized for trying to keep the USA together and prosperous, as they had Hilary Clinton all ready to take it down, to the UN and radicals… Read more »

Trish Pharaon

Thats why people should quit voting the 2 same parties in. 8yrs of Harper was enough for me. And 4yrs of Trudope & the lying Liebrals taking Canada down. This is no way that our fore fathers wanted Canada to be. What a waste of lives that fought in the 2 biggest wars. We should be protecting Canada at all costs. Instead of letting the likes of the UN taking over. PPC & MAXIME BERNIER. Atleast he’s willing to protect Canadians at all costs. 4yrs with a new party, beats 4 yrs of TRUDOPE DESTROYING IT.


We have NO obligation to ‘save the world !!!
SHE is a UN Agenda 2030 supporting GLOBALIST . Watch out Canada. They – the NDP,Greens,Liberals and Conservatives – ARE trying to destroy Canada as we knew her. NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS…
PPC under Maxime Bernier IS the ONLY ANTI-globalist, PRO-Canada party running….
Please vote accordingly….


So, where do you think Bernier got his money from? He splits the conservative vote, and we have the boy-blunder for 4 more years.

Bernier is anything but our savior.

Trish Pharaon

Ahha according to polls if Max only has 3% that isnt splitting the vote. Why would people keep voting in the same crap! Trudope should of been charged on the SNC.. Lets face it. Its disgraceful that he wasnt charged. HE IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW. But letting him get away with it. Hes above the law. Scheer has taken a few things from the PPC Platform Why? Cant think for himself! We had 8yrs of Harper why do we want 4 of Scheer. No thanks. I would sooner not vote.


Maxime Bernier has a lot of support, you can check for yourself, freedom of access, the majority of his donations are smaller, coming from, you guessed it, every day Canadians! Your assumptions snd suggestive language, are both weak and divisive, truth can help you out with that little dramatic bs! PPC! Go Max! !


Well said.

Dale Evjen

The United Nations claim that there will be 200 million ‘climate refugees’ by 2050 is another totally bogus prediction!!! UN = Utter Nonsense


Dale if this were true, and the UN run left gets in here again, we will be part of the 200 million refugees.

Major Tom

Great! Let them all camp on her back lawn……

alan skelhorne

another nut bar at work. lol. Canadian politics are a joke.


Remember that this nut could be calling the shots, along with Singh, in a Liberal minority government.

old white guy

Lizzy is another economic illiterate socialist who thinks Canada can support millions more welfare immigrants, she is a fool.

William Jones

What would one expect from a Liberal wearing a ‘green’ dress?

Nancy Hollingsworth

The Green party would not be good for Canada’s economy. I sent them a couple of simple questions & they didn’t even have the decency to answer them because they have no answers. They only have one focus & that’s climate change. They have no idea how they would replace the $170 billion dollars Canada generates through natural gas & oil every year. They have no idea how to grow the economy or how their outrageous polices would affect people. I would never give them my vote.

Mason T

So, Elizabeth, mind of I ask exactly how many of those “climate refugees” you’re going to accepting into your home and taking responsibility for?

Or do you expect everyone else to foot the bill for your stupid idea?


We used to be obliged to our family and other Canadians that we would share our money with, when they were down on their luck. Now it seems our pay check is up for grabs for anyone that can reach our border.
Does Liz donate her paycheque to other countries or just ours?


She is the absolute joke to this country