Trudeau To Tax Your Netflix

Another way for the Liberals to take more money out of the pockets of Canadians.

The Trudeau Liberals are planning to tax your Netflix.

Additionally, Google and Facebook will be taxed by the Liberals if they get re-elected.

This represents yet another big government attempt to take more money out of the pockets of the Canadian People.

This is another broken promise by the Liberals, as they had previously said they would not tax Netflix.

Now, the Liberals are saying they will impose a sales tax on Netflix, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, and Apple.

In short, this is another tax hike on Canadians from the Trudeau government, and will push the already-high cost of living even higher and make life even less affordable.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I suppose that will include Duck Duck Go as I do not have the others, Oh I guess I am in gmail, google too. Well if the lefties get in again, my laptop is over ten years old, windows 7, and cannot handle the new adverts or pictures without problems so I just will not replace it as I have not replaced the TV I do not want lefty news anyway. So I am really hoping that we get the common sense Conservatives in as a majority who will put more money back in our pockets, then I will buy… Read more »


No it’s not search engines but streaming services. Google has Google Play for example.

Dale Evjen

The nerve of them to think of taxing Google and Facebook.

They can take their unwarranted tax idea and send it into the St. Lawrence River through the same pipe as Montreal pumps their untreated vile sewage into the river!!!


The Crime minister needs to be cuffed by the RCMP and hauled out of office.


Not a fan of JT, but why shouldnt large foreign owned media companies not pay tax in Canada when they are making millions here. I cant buy a choclate bar at the corner store that isnt taxed, so why shoudnt Google, Facebook pay taxes?


It looks like it’s sales tax and not income tax. There’s a huge difference. That means Google and Facebook won’t pay tax in Canada, the federal government will only add GST to the amount they charge for their services. And guess what? The income from Google and Facebook comes from ads made by businesses. When you have a business, the government reimburses the sales taxes paid. So this announcment is all bs. It’s typical of Gerard Butts who makes a campaign based on the ignorance of Canadians. Amazon already charges sales tax most of the time, unless it’s exempted by… Read more »


ALL taxes gets passed onto the consumer/user so if you think it will be them paying it you are very very delusional. ANY & ALL carbon tax is passed on through higher prices of the product.


Yeah…tax all of us to death.

Shawn Harris

And so it starts, the micro taxing us to death on the everyday things we take for granted. Today it is netflix, tomorrow it will be a new tax on our cell phones, then a tax on emails because Canada Post can’t make a profit and so on. Death by endless microtaxes. So then, Netflix will reconsider their investment in our film industry, good by to the 500 million dollars they promised. Social media users will have to be very careful or they will be taxed for having said too much. Google, MSM might now reconsider their close relationship with… Read more »