BACKLASH: #DefundCBC Is Trending In Canada

#RosieMustGo is also trending.

The CBC continues to faces a massive backlash from Canadians, after it was revealed that Rosemary Barton and CBC are suing the Conservatives during the election campaign.

Here’s what I reported yesterday about it:

“In a move that will surely cause immense partisan rage and will only deepen the perception that CBC and Rosemary Barton are totally biased against the Conservatives, Barton (who moderated a leaders debate) and the CBC are taking the Conservatives to court, even as the election campaign is ongoing.

According to a Globe & Mail report (paywalled), Barton and the CBC say the Conservatives included CBC material – including material from a panel being hosted by Barton – and that is somehow against CBCs view of the rules.

“Even though the Conservatives removed the material, CBC is still fighting the Conservatives in court, and demanding the Conservatives say they “violated Barton’s moral rights.”

That’s total garbage.

This is obscene bias and election interference, and any thin pretense CBC may have once had of working for Canadians has been destroyed.

This is a disgrace, this is an outrage.”

And now, CBC is clearly paying the price, as #DefundCBC is trending on Twitter in Canada. It was trending number one for a long time, along with #DefundTheCBC, and #RosieMustGo.

Canadians are rightfully outraged at CBC’s disgusting bias and blatant interference in the election, and all of their coverage is now totally suspect.

As I said in a video shared to Twitter, CBC is making fools of themselves:

“CBC belongs to you, it belongs to me, it belongs to all of us. For them to sue a political party in the middle of an election campaign is a disgrace, and CBC is making total fools of themselves.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


With media bias reaching unprecedented levels, Canada needs independent voices like Spencer Fernando now more than ever. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Donald O'Kane

Remove all public funding from CBC!!!!! See if they can make it on their own like other media corporations. I used to watch CBC with their reporting and hockey coverage but those days are long gone for me since they have been pandering to the Liberals and their handouts. Total BIASED, FAKE NEWS AND REPORTING!!!! They are a complete disgrace to media and fair reporting.

Don Taylor

How do we the PEOPLE tell CBC what we think of them ?


I agree #defundCBC.


Its 2019. The federal government shouldn’t still be funding a TV and radio channel. Let them stand on their own two (left) feet, along with other left wing media like CTV, Global and City TV.

Guy-Paul Roy

If my TAX the TAX $$$ are paying for something?? Is it not mine to use as a Canadian is a Canadian. Seems the Rosebud would have a hard time finding employment that pays the same or better,,,, as our Tax the Tax $$ ??


Since the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation became the Lieberal Broadcasting Corporation being undemocraticly funded by all Canadians it has lost all credibility. #defundcbc The corporation must not be funded by taxpayers as they should not have to fund Liberal bias.


$1.5 billion that could actually benefit Canadians. How about starting to address the real emergency shortage of doctors and nurses, not the fake climate “emergency”? How about taking the millions used for paying for electric cars and putting it towards health care? A few EV’s benefits a few, but doctors and nurses benefit millions. Nobody in Canada really needs an EV, but thousands NEED knee & hip replacement. One pet peeve – check into the horrendous gouging by the dental industry and the hearing aid ripoff. $4000 for a set of hearing aids that shouldn’t cost more than $200? Look… Read more »

Shawn Harris

The CBC is really determined to bite the hand that feeds them, namely the public and our tax dollars. But, then again this lawsuit is just a Liberal, Butts Trudeau inspired distraction , all designed to deflect the voters attention away from the Liberals and Trudeau and his disastrous record over these last four years; who are losing this election. If the CBC follows through with this lawsuit and the Conservatives win a majority, watch how fast the CBC decides to drop the lawsuit and plead for mercy from the Conservatives. If anything, this lawsuit clearly shows beyond and any… Read more »

Ron Shaw

Off with her funding , off with CBC s funding , Canadians deserve better , and we will get better .

William Jones

Not only the typical ‘bully act,’ but also the typical CBC bully act,’ when it responds to a ‘seen to be’ offensive situation affecting themselves.

Joseph Scully

Why didn’t Steven Harper defund the CBC when he had the chance?