BACKLASH: #DefundCBC Is Trending In Canada

#RosieMustGo is also trending.

The CBC continues to faces a massive backlash from Canadians, after it was revealed that Rosemary Barton and CBC are suing the Conservatives during the election campaign.

Here’s what I reported yesterday about it:

“In a move that will surely cause immense partisan rage and will only deepen the perception that CBC and Rosemary Barton are totally biased against the Conservatives, Barton (who moderated a leaders debate) and the CBC are taking the Conservatives to court, even as the election campaign is ongoing.

According to a Globe & Mail report (paywalled), Barton and the CBC say the Conservatives included CBC material – including material from a panel being hosted by Barton – and that is somehow against CBCs view of the rules.

“Even though the Conservatives removed the material, CBC is still fighting the Conservatives in court, and demanding the Conservatives say they “violated Barton’s moral rights.”

That’s total garbage.

This is obscene bias and election interference, and any thin pretense CBC may have once had of working for Canadians has been destroyed.

This is a disgrace, this is an outrage.”

And now, CBC is clearly paying the price, as #DefundCBC is trending on Twitter in Canada. It was trending number one for a long time, along with #DefundTheCBC, and #RosieMustGo.

Canadians are rightfully outraged at CBC’s disgusting bias and blatant interference in the election, and all of their coverage is now totally suspect.

As I said in a video shared to Twitter, CBC is making fools of themselves:

“CBC belongs to you, it belongs to me, it belongs to all of us. For them to sue a political party in the middle of an election campaign is a disgrace, and CBC is making total fools of themselves.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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