OOPS: Liberal Candidate Accidentally Speaks The Truth, Says Pipelines Probably Won’t Be Built Under Trudeau’s ‘Assessment’ Legislation

Off script, but a rare moment of a Liberal candidate being honest.

In a rare moment of honesty from a Liberal candidate – which the party will almost certainly try to deny – Montreal Liberal Steven Guilbeault is saying Justin Trudeau’s environmental assessment legislation will probably block the construction of new pipelines.

Here’s what was reported by the National Post:

“I think that now that we have a real evaluation and impact assessment for projects, we will come to the conclusion that many of these projects are incompatible with the goals we have for 2030.”

As noted in the report, “The comments from Guilbeault, a candidate in the Montreal riding of Laurier—Sainte-Marie, runs counter to a claim by the Liberal government that the bill would both account for national greenhouse gas emissions while also allowing new oil expansion projects to move ahead. It is part of a broader position taken by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau since 2015, which espouses that environmental stewardship need not run counter to economic priorities in the fossil fuel industry.”

Interestingly, Guilbeault is saying the same thing that the many critics of the legislation said. Bill C-69 was dubbed the “no-pipelines” bill, and it seems that’s exactly what it is.

Once again, we see the Liberals lying to Canadians, and only in rare moments of accidental honesty is the truth actually revealed.

Additionally, this shows why the Liberals must be defeated. If they win the next election, the damage to our Canadian energy industry, and the resulting damage to Canadian unity may be too much to overcome.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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alan skelhorne

I have said for the last two years, Trudeau would kill alberta, but he never thought ahead. in my opinon, which comes first, separation or revolution. not happening you say. you have no idea about history.


Is anyone surprised? I am not remotely surprised.


Buy a Pipeline with Canadian taxpayers money and shut it down now that’s not what a Prime Minister for canadians does!


Now there’s a rare occurrence … a Liberal telling the truth.

John Giles

Trudeau gives 20 million $ to the Clinton Foundation. The Clintons have been in so many scandals over the years why would a PM of Canada fall victum to the above; oh I forgot he just “LOVES” spending other peoples money! I can’t believe a PM would allow his name to get associated with the dozens of “Scandals” the Clinton’s have been part of. But then maybe “Trudeau is in the same boat as the Clintons.”


Buy we knew this when they used Canada’s debt to buy it, and then put the tanker ban in place……

Tim Peterson

Well come Tuesday we will see if Alberta remains in Canada, it’s just that obvious. As a sovern land locked nation we wouldn’t be denied access to tide water as per international treaty which Canada is a signatory.

Shawn Harris

What better way to betray the oil industry, destroy both Alberta’s power, wealth and our nation’s wealth and get the revenge Trudeau craved( avenging his father’s 1984 defeat and the cancelation of the National Energy Plan) by declaring that he supports building pipelines, while in the east he declares them to be an evil that has to be phased out and he did this all before and during the 2015 election. Then to go about cancelling all of the already approved pipelines, Northern gateway, Energy East and still say he is going to build Trans Mountain, even though he has… Read more »