11 Senators Form New “Canadian Senators Group”

“What unites us is our approach to the work and the belief that each region should be treated with dignity and respect.”

11 Senators have decided to form a new grouping, called the Canadian Senators Group.

The Senators say they will focus on regional interests, and ensuring that each region is “treated with dignity and respect.”

In a statement, Senator Larry Campbell said, “What unites us is our approach to the work and the belief that each region should be treated with dignity and respect. I think a broad-based but smaller group will enable us to do that.”

Alberta Senator Scott Tannas is the interim leader of the new grouping.

The other members are Larry Campbell (BC), Robert Black (Ontario), Doug Black (Alberta), Stephen Green (Nova Scotia), Elaine McCoy (Alberta), David Richards (New Brunswick), Diane Griffin (P.E.I), Josee Vener (Quebec), Vernon White (Ontario), Pamela Wallin (Saskatchewan).

With Canada increasingly divided, and both Western separatism and Quebec separatism on the ascendancy, this grouping of Senators is seeking to bridge some of those divides and ensure that Canada’s regional interests are addressed.

Whether they succeed remains to be seen, but by escaping the strict control of the established parties, these Senators may be able to actually speak their minds and get something done.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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If the senate was elected fairly from across the country equally and were doing their jobs for Canada not for a political party that placed them there and they rubber stamp what they are told to for their party, then I would think this might be something good but probably like with the lieberal independent Senators, it is very very questionable as they voted for the laws that put Canada in this mess with their political bosses in the first place even though Alberta and Saskatchewan went and tried to get support.


I am afraid that would be ‘too American’ for many Canadians to stomach. Albertans are the ‘most American’ in their idea of what Freedom is than any place in Canada. too bad all those lefties are in Edmonton and Calgary Centre


Fabulous news! Let’s hope for the best.

old white guy

The Canadian senate is something that has long past it’s due date. If we must have a senate make it elected and two senators from every province except PEI, who will get one. Time to even the freaking playing field.


Its too bad that the Senate cant do anything worthwhile.

The Senate can introduce Bills, but never do.

What a do-nothing lot.

shawn harris

This could be a good first step towards Senate Reform, but with Ontario and Quebec having most of the Senate seats now, it still leaves a very unbalanced Senate in terms of representation . That is still controlled by Trudeau, since the so called independent senators have proven by their voting patterns, to vote in favour of Trudeau’s legislation, as a voting bloc. The independent senators also make up the majority of the seats in the Senate. So contrary to what Trudeau claims as Senate reform, it is the same old Senate. True senate reform, will only happen when the… Read more »


Waaay too late, the damage has been done.

William Jones

Is there actually a ‘light at the end of the tunnel,’ or is this simply another political circus act to distract our attention from the ‘Trudeau follies.” My comments may weel appear jaded and negative, but with all the political posturing that takes place and all the political circus events, one can hardly be blamed for looking for credibility at this stage of the game — eh?