Canada’s Exports Drop Again

Trade deficit near $1 billion in September.

Canada’s trade deficit stayed close to $1 billion in September, defying expectations that it would be much smaller.

Economists had predicted a trade deficit of $650 million for the month, but the deficit turned out to be $987 million.

Canada’s exports dropped 1.3% in September, with some of the biggest drops happening in the energy sector. Exports of refined gold also fell.

The value of imports also fell, down 1.7%.

In terms of volume changes (rather than price value), exports dropped a full 2.1%, while imports fell 1.6%.

The numbers for August were even worse, with the trade deficit being revised from $955 million to $1.2 billion.

In total, exports are down in the quarter by 2.3%.

This is yet more economic data showing the weakness of the Canadian economy.

Spencer Fernando

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With all our laws, regulations and taxes, I am surprised if any foreign investment occurs when other countries with the same resources are far cheaper…


It is easier to destroy the country when it’s natives are all really poor and divided and crime gets higher and no law and order no jobs, another utopia for the rich elites. If the USA could help us they would offer to take the Conservative parts of Canada under their protection, leave the lefties together in the east, to do their pan canada, post national state, we would be better off than this slow spiral down the tubes, kicking and screaming for help the whole way. MAGA !

Eric Blair

I am startled to see the trade deficit changed by almost 10% upwards. That is quite a revision and all before an election in which the Liberal government chief economic spokesperson, the Finance Minister, says things are booming. Any chance that StatsCan is in on it with the Liberals. Hmmm…

old white guy

Kill the energy sector, tax and regulate everything to death, and then wonder why we are where we are. There really is no cure for this level of stupid.