As Second Term Begins, Canadians Don’t Trust Trudeau On The Economy

Just 22% have confidence that he will deliver economic prosperity.

As Justin Trudeau’s second term begins, Canadians have little faith in his ‘economic plan.’

According to a Nanos Research poll conducted for Bloomberg News, just 22% of Canadians say they have ‘strong confidence’ that Trudeau can deliver economic prosperity.

30% say they have no confidence.

47% are in the middle.

So, after winning 33% of the vote on Election day (and forming the weakest government – by popular vote – in Canadian history), just 22% have strong confidence in his economic plan.

Those are brutal numbers.

And it shows a few things.

First, Trudeau has gotten no ‘honeymoon’ from his election win, with the Libs getting zero bump in support.

Second, Canadians are deeply pessimistic on the economy – with good reason – and don’t think Trudeau can improve it.

Third, Trudeau won the election because he (and much of the biased media) was able to make the Conservatives less popular than he was in key battleground ridings, not because Canadians embraced his plan or his ‘leadership.’

With household debt rising, the carbon tax going up again, and the majority of Canadians saying they will be cutting their spending during Christmas, economic pessimism will only increase.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube