Canada Has A GANG Problem, Not A Gun Problem

The foolish and pathetic politicians are unwilling to confront real problems, so they’re trying to take away the rights of law-abiding Canadians.

Canada has long been a nation with a lot of guns. In fact, gun ownership rates in Canada are relatively high compared to much of the rest of the world. It’s only the immense amount of guns in the United States that makes Canada’s gun ownership rate appear low.

Canada also has (or generally had) a low rate of gun violence. Many countries that have far fewer guns per capita have much higher levels of gun crime than we do.

All of this shows that the issue isn’t actually the amount of guns, it’s who has those guns, and how those guns are used.

Guns in the hands of law-abiding Canadian firearms owners, hunters, sport shooters, and gun enthusiasts are NOT the source of gun crime.

Guns in the hands of Gangs are the source of gun crime.

So, as Canada watches violence spike in many of our cities, it’s essential to point out this very clear fact:

Canada does NOT have a ‘gun problem.’ We have a Gang problem.

A combo of spineless politicians and political correctness has led to a rise in both the strength and the aggressiveness of gangs.

And then, the response to that rise of gang power from the authorities is simply to threaten to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Just look at what’s happening in Manitoba. Manitoba Liquor Marts are being robbed up to 20 times a day, with people straight up walking into the stores, stealing a bunch of product, and then walking out without facing any punishment whatsoever. In fact, the Winnipeg authorities recently warned the public not to intervene, saying they could face charges. So, the criminals can do whatever they want, but law-abiding people get threatened by the government.

This kind of attitude from those in charge only emboldens criminals more, and soft-approach to crime is failing miserably.

That’s why any politician who tries to take rights away from law-abiding gun owners should be dismissed immediately, because they aren’t addressing the real problem: The rising threat of Gangs in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Incontrovertible truth is a problem for the social justice warrior crowd. Until a gang does harm to one of these elites nothing will change.

john sullivan

and i am not holding my breath for that to happen.

Major Tom

Gangs…about 200 in BC alone…….not an election issue…..ignored with their numbers increasing….So? If the gangs are irrelevant…..who in authority is being bribed to further this message? Follow the money trail…..time for audits…..


I have been saying the same thing for years. It is like a everyone knows it is true, but now one wants to say anything for fear of being targeted. We have let it get so big, now they will if they do. (with some of the groups we have running things)



Big Priest'

Oh no, there’s definitely a gun problem in Canada alright.

It’s an issue, where Canadians aren’t allowed to shoot and kill an assailant when they’re being attacked, or their home is being broken into.

Lamont Boucherville

Another great article Spencer

Norman Gardner

THIS WRITER IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. In Toronto it is plain to see that the people involved in shootings are primarily from the black community and that they are involved in black on black crime whereby they have intimidated people within their community and have caused fear among the law abiding members of the community. Drugs and illegal guns go hand in hand and as long as the authorities refuse to deal in a more formidable manner the community will suffer the consequences of seeing more shootings and endangerment of lives. Political correctness must be abandoned and that requires going after… Read more »


Winnipeg authorities threatening the public and protecting the criminals? OK then, use your firearm to shoot the criminals and become one yourself with the protection of the Police. Kill or wound a criminal and get Police protection. This has been the official Federal Liberal policy for decades, clearly spelled out in the :iberal Red Book.

Tim Atchison

What you expect from a Mafia led Goverment whose the biggest gangs is your Government there just legalized to Rob You, bring in known Terrorists, steal your hard earned dollars by calling it Taxes, legalizing drugs and shoot up housing what next. And we the people let them do it. Time for Canada to stand up

Duke of Paducah

Time for Canadians to drag themselves away from the sweet Soma of sports and beer and grow a spine. Entertainment and the apathy it creates is truly the opiate of the masses. We are at a turning point here. Time for civil disobedience of all affected gun owners. Seal them in plastic pipe bury them in the bush or drop them in a lake. Phone the local police on the same day and tell them you have hidden your guns and are not going to hand them over. There are 50,000 AR-15s in Canada and 60,000 cops. Think that might… Read more »