DOUBLE-STANDARD: In Statement, CTV Makes Clear They Won’t Fire Jess Allen

What a disgrace.

If there was any doubt, it is now clear that a massive double-standard exists in our country:

Those who stand up for Canadian values and Canadian Patriotism get thrown under the bus and destroyed, while those who denigrate our nation, denigrate our pastimes, and insult what makes Canada strong, get away with it every time.

So, Don Cherry is fired for saying people should wear Poppies, yet Jess Allen is getting away with her disgusting and bigoted remarks.

CTV has issued a statement, making clear they won’t fire Allen. That statement can be read below:

“CTV’s The Social is based on opinion and debate about current issues, and we often hear from viewers who don’t agree with some of the perspectives on the show.

However, Jessica Allen’s comments about hockey have generated an extraordinary response. We’ve been touched by the stories we’ve heard from Canadians everywhere, including families from Humboldt, about what the game means to them. That matters to us.

We would like to apologize to everyone who was offended by the remarks, and let you know your feedback sparked much debate and introspection at The Social and CTV. We won’t restrict our hosts from offering their opinions on an opinion show, but we’ll always listen to viewers when they offer theirs.”

This is a total joke.

So, it’s okay for Allen to outrage millions yet her opinion won’t be ‘restricted,’ yet Cherry stands up for Remembrance Day and says people should wear poppies and gets fired?

What the hell is this BS?

Spencer Fernando

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james isnor

Don t you people get it. Rules are for us not for them. Jian G serial sex offender. Elizabeth M alcoholic bully. Peter M sex offender, Hush money paid . But if any conservative Canadians say shit we with the help of the MSM will get you cancelled. Backwardsland !

Lorne Fortune

She must be fired. A total racist remark. However CTV have shown us their dislike for white boys who play hockey allowing Jesse Allen. The ultra racist.


Unfortunately I think a lot of us have seen this coming for some time.
Common sense seems to be lost, along with our country. There is no time to keep waiting to see what happens, we see what is happening.


That’s funny CTV just hangs up when I called, and do not listen to complaints, and if you also call Bell Media they offered to cut your service.
Free Speech I agree with, but on CTV what kind of people watch this divisive, racist, dislike of Canada, they think they’re great when they are silly, no intelligence at all and they all agree with each other, and only ever watching that clip of the show, I really wondered who would even applaud this, ah, this is for the programmed unable to think for themselves people.

old white guy

CTV lies about damn near everything. If they can put a liberal socialist opinion out they will. They will lie ny ommission, look at the last election and the
lack of coverage of teh PPC. This am they were busy pushing the Trump impeachment line yet they or we really have no say in the matter, freaking stupid.

William Jones

Welcome to our ‘Brave New World,’ NancyW

Donald O'Kane

Boycott ALL mainstream media they are a bunch of arrogant a##holes and don’t deserve any viewership. We need media that is unbiased and recognizes the rights of freedom of speach. If we aren’t aligned with a communistic government then we are ALL racists. Don’t show these media outlets ANY RESPECT since they show no respect for the ones who USED to watch their programs and newscasts. No more will I ever support and arrogant media or offensive and socialistic government such as the LIEBERALS.


Im proud to say I’ve never watched even 5 minutes of that show. Obviously I’m not missing anything worthwhile.

old white guy

Interesting how liberal socialist Canadians are the worst people in the country. They project their brand of hatred on those who do not follow the p c line. They are a disgrace.


So when viewers STOP WATCHING because they don’t want their sons, grandsons, nephews being prejudiced against unfairly on national TV… and the ratings go so far down CTV can’t stoop far enough down to see them, they may reconsider this decision

William Jones

There can be no confusion here. The Liberals have double standards for everything, so this cannot be a surprise. And if anyone is naive enough to think that CTV is ‘autonomous,’ just remember what 600 million dollars can buy.

Don Taylor

CTV is a DISGRACE,And fire that Idiot Jess Allen


We watch this show during our lunch break at work. ( just the guys ). It’s good for a laugh. All they do is sit and bash men. Every problem in the world is because of men. Marci, the lady of colour brings up racism every single show. It’s unbelievable how unintelligent these 4 ladies are. As much as we laugh at these ladies while watching the show, I think they have hit an all time low. Cancel the show, we will find another comedy to watch on a different network.


CTV isnt Rogers Media?

Simple concept

adam carsley

lets protest outside every CTV office building…..until she is removed like don cherry was….

rob j

call the sponsers ..tell them you are not buying their crap any more……….. do the same with all the commie networks


Remember freedom of speech, are we going into a frenzy that everything got to be politicaly correct.Get of that racist stupidity. Throw it out into the garbage bin.It seems that everybody is using racisam to create more problems within Canada’s population.Work hard to protect Don Cherry and get his job back call your MP boycott CBC and their biased journalist promote freedom of speech and liberty that our veterans fought for.

Trevor Mackenzie

Shame on you ctv I bet it would be a different outcome if jess Allen was a white Male with her hate speech. We have a group that have blocked ctv from homes

Bob Wilson

They aren’t going to fire her as she clearly stated her stuff was based on personal experience. Fire her for that and you have a massive lawsuit on your hands

Far more effective would be boycotting all Bell Media TV stations. May I suggest we all start with TSN?