Following Nightmare Interview, Prince Andrew’s Business Support Flees

Time for Canada to distance ourselves from him as well.

Following his nightmare BBC Newsnight interview, Prince Andrew’s business support is fleeing.

The prince, already a toxic figure for his association with Jeffrey Epstein, became even more toxic, as the interview made the prince seem dishonest and evasive.

In particular, his claims that he ‘couldn’t sweat’ and rarely partied were immediately destroyed by multiple images showing him partying and sweating profusely.

He also blinked repeatedly when asked certain questions, often a sign of dishonesty.

Now, as reported by BNN Bloomberg, business groups that once supported Andrew are heading for the hills:

“Britain’s Prince Andrew is facing further disgrace as charitable backers begin to distance themselves from him amid unfavourable fallout of an interview on his friendship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Britain’s Press Association is reporting that professional services provider KPMG, a sponsor of his flagship entrepreneur project, Pitch↕Palace, won’t renew its support. Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, another backer of the project, says it is reviewing its three-year partnership, which is due to expire at the end of the year.”

With others distancing themselves from Andrew, it’s time for Canada to do the same.

A first step would be for Canada to revoke Andrew’s rank in the Canadian armed forces, and remove him from any connection to the Canadian military whatsoever.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube