Quebec Politicians (The Same Ones Who Attack Alberta Energy) Are Panicking As The Province Runs Out Of Propane

CN strike has left the province with less than a week of supply left.

Many Quebec politicians enjoyed scoring political points by attacking the Alberta energy industry.

But now, those same politicians may be realizing how big a mistake they’ve made by not embracing Alberta energy products, and by not supporting more pipelines from Alberta to the east.

With CN Rail on strike, Quebec has been cut off from their supply of propane, with the province now running out fast.

According to Quebec Premier Francois Legault, the province is down to just five days of propane supply, and he’s calling it an “emergency.”

The province could soon run out of propane, causing chaos at hospitals, farms, businesses, nursing homes, and more.

Quebec uses about six million litres of propane per day, and their reserves are a mere 12 million. The province has begun rationing, in an effort to stave off the moment at which they run out.

Notably, while there are massive propane reserves stored in Fort Saskatchewan Alberta, Quebec instead gets most of their propane from Sarnia, with a smaller amount being shipped by rail from Edmonton.

As Stephen Taylor said on Twitter, perhaps Quebec needs a pipeline?

“Can we interest you in a pipeline?”

This goes to show how the political pandering and hypocrisy of some Quebec politicians is damaging not only the West, but also Quebec. Quebec could have access to a gigantic supply of energy, more than enough to fill all of their needs and have a massive reserve in place, if only their politicians would embrace Alberta energy and show respect to Alberta.

Instead, Quebec now faces a crisis that could cause real damage to people’s lives, and it was entirely avoidable.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Oh well, sucks to be them!


Yep. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Think I’ll turn the heat up. It’s not cold here in northern Alberta.
I just can.


That’s the exact words I was going to say


I confess, I have schadenfreude when Quebec is involved

Bill D

This is good news. How enormously just it would be to see Quebec lose access to other Canadian fossil fuels right about now. Let them have Saudi Arabia be their sole source of heat.


The politicians and media have coddled this current society into believing that we need no fossil fuels whatsoever as they failed to understand all the many different ways that we use it.

Steve Richards

Oh fret not. The Libranos with Trudope at the helm will literally fly(from Tofino) to the rescue of the blessed Quebec waving his saber. How dare the evil employees and their overlord the imperial CN potentially try and damage and dare to embarrass the chosen ones. There will be no cold poutine this November in Quebec.


The funny thing is you are absolutely correct. It happens as I write.


Mon dieu!


Just do wht most people do when out of necessities like food, water etc. Use less propane. just as other farmers in the west r forced to rationalize their daily living.


Poetic Justice. I hope it gets colder in QC & stays cold.

Diane DiFlorio

What’s Quebec going to do when this insane government shuts down all oil production in the name of #ClimateHoax. Last I heard, propane is a by-product of the oil refineries.

alan skelhorne

i don,t feel sorry for them at all. beg mf,s beg.


We are following their demands and keeping it in the ground, waiting to sell it to someone who deserves it.

Sarina Cliplef

I can’t see Trudeau allowing this to continue for too long.

Leo Frey

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Garlet Farlett

As the politicians like to say: “Just put on an extra sweater”. Sorry QC you made your bed, now lie in it… with an extra blanket perhaps.


The irony here is that QC has substantial reserves of natural gas in the St-Lawrence lowlands and offshore, yet the QC government refuses to exploit these resources. They deserve to freeze.


Yup, they’d rather flood millions of hectares of land and create massive reservoirs to generate electricity. They are lucky they developed the hydro electricity decades ago – it is environmentally unfriendly and they’d never be allowed to do it now.


AH too bad the hypocrites, some leaders in Quebec,..,. like two faced Justin as he flew across the country with two planes during the election and jets off to his holidays.


While I do agree there is an element of poetic justice. These are our country men and women. People just like me or you. Some compassion. It was their leaders that were being terrible and shortsighted. Mark it up 1000% and start working on that 1+ billion surplus they loved so much. Maybe 10,000%.


Keep Quebec propane free till April 2020 …???

Ruth Bard

They’ll get no sympathy from me. Let them freeze in the dark for a while and then see how they feel about Western energy. NB – Pipelines don’t go on strike.


My, my looks good on them.


Quebec should probably just freeze in the Dark!

rob j

every one believes that crude oil is what was left of rotting dinosaurs………that may not be true,,, those in the know believe that crude oil is a renewable resource… that the earth produces from chemical reactions ,, heat and pressure google it!!!!