U.S. Rips Canada’s Low Military Spending

Currently, Canada’s defence ‘strategy’ is to ask the U.S. to protect us, which is an embarrassing position for a sovereign nation to be in.

The United States is running out patience.

As America continually spends a large amount on their military, thus providing protection to Canada, Europe, and other allies, they are getting fed up with carrying such a disproportionate share of the defence burden.

And they aren’t hiding it any longer.

According to a recent Global News report, the U.S. Department of Defence sent a letter to the Canadian government, slamming our low military spending:

“One Canadian source told Global News that the U.S. is concerned that Canada does not take the threat from those countries in the Arctic seriously and wants the country to boost its contributions in that area.

Just seven countries — including the U.S. and the U.K. — have met NATO’s two per cent of GDP spending goal, according to figures released in June.

NATO’s estimates show Canada is expected to spend 1.27 per cent of its GDP on the military this year, up from about one per cent in 2014.”

China and Russia are both dramatically building up their presence in the arctic, while Canada basically does nothing at all.

Our military spending has been chronically low for years, under both Conservative and Liberal governments. As a result, our NATO and NORAD ally the U.S. is forced to be responsible for defending all of North America.

That is an unfair burden for us to be putting on America.

Canada should be pulling our own weight, and as a wealthy, technologically-advanced sovereign nation there is no excuse for us to not have a strong military.

Additionally, building up our military would mean billions of dollars of economic stimulus, hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and a stronger domestic manufacturing sector, reducing our reliance on foreign trade.

In a dangerous world, Canada cannot take the risk of outsourcing our defence to other nations. We need to build up our military and ensure our nation and our people are protected.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Hmm, this government leaving Canada vulnerable. Sounds correct to me.
That is my experience of what is happening.

Lance Boyle

Threat, from Russia? Oh. Please. What an utter pile of bunk. We should be making friends with Russia instead of villifying it. The Globalists and NeoCons want this conflict and the tensions are being manufactured out of whole cloth. All designed to fuel the war machine and extract more dollars out of our pocket.

With regards to Communist China. Well, how about putting a stop to “immigrating” them for starters.


Your right, but I am not allowed to voice this as it is politically incorrect by our current politicians.


Do we know if Russia or China have military bases established on an Arctic Island somewhere? All Russia has to do is send a few ice rated transport ships and a fleet of aircraft and they could set up an airbase in weeks, and there isn’t a damn thing Canada or the States could do about it. At minimum, Canada should have a well supported military airbase that can be supported by sea as we are able. There are small nuclear power stations that could provide all the electricity. All it would take is a few hundreds of millions which… Read more »


Haaahaaaa….oh, I thought you were joking.
Buying broken down and aged technology is the norm now.
The military gets into a great deal of trouble should the want or need something new as we have seen.


Okay Trudeau, when do we start manufacturing pocket rockets and bows with arrows?
Is that not what our military will be relying on soon?

I can see it is going to be extremely difficult to get young people to join the military service the way the government has been treating the veterans. He may have to impose a draft.

alan skelhorne

where have you people been, lol. Trudeau doesn,t want a military, this is why he wants his seat at the un, then he will bring in thousands of blue helmets, our military will be discarded.george soros told his prancing queen, kill the economy, kill the military, take away all the weapons, n bring in 3 million muslims, to destroy whats left of Canada. isn,t that simple.


Liberals are military freeloaders and anti American hypocrites at the same time.

Brian Dougan

China the (nefarious) organ grinder. Trudeau the (stupid) monkey. Canada the patsy. I don’t mean to trivialize a very serious situation; but this image comes to mind.

Major Tom

It’s all about the United Nations policy…….’where no nation would have the military strength to challenge the UN Peace Force…..” Get us out of the UN…and we’ll get our country back…….

old white guy

Sorry Tom the socialist/communist own Canada and you and I. There is no going back because this is what Canadians voted for.

Clive Edwards

Might I remind readers that it was the Diefenbaker CONSERVATIVE government that cancelled the Avro Arrow, which had been built under the previous Liberal government. Since the Arrow project, Canadians have been only allowed to purchase American arms of any significance. Canada is not dependent upon the US, Canada is the victim of the American “protection racket”. Ditto for the deployment off Canadian Forces. Canadian Forces only get to play where and when the Americans approve. Canada needs a sovereign and effective Secret Service more than a few local regiments of the US military. We need to model our defences… Read more »

Garlet Farlett

Leopard tank, not American, FNC1 was not American, LAV not American… I could go on. On the other hand, does it make sense to have a completely separate weapons platform from your closest neighbor and ally? Crap, we ran out of ammo!! Yeah, to bad we use “X” ammo and the Yanks use “Y”… Hence the reason for NATO standards etc. As far as deployment, we regularly deploy where the UN wants us, not the US. That being said, we basically have about 25,000 ground troops available to us at any given time, a pathetic navy of used junk, and… Read more »


The Arrow was cancelled and destroyed because of pressure from the States to buy their Bomarc missiles. Those missiles couldn’t work in cloudy, wet or cold weather. Diefenbaker did a lot of good but caved to the Americans. America wanted the Canadian designers and engineers for their own weapons programs.

old white guy

Canada’s military has become a politically correct bureaucracy not an effective military force. A bloody waste of money.

Garlet Farlett

I served in the 80’s, we wore threadbare combats because we couldn’t get new ones. And every year it was the same, budget cut to defense. We expect so much from our military, but are content to let our government continually erode their effectiveness, and morale. I guess they are asking “for more than we can give”… as usual…


You forgot how heavy that communication radio was back then. Felt like your carrying a car battery through the bush and swamps.