Canada Is Being Led By Clowns

If our country wasn’t at such serious risk, it would be funny.

Remember how Justin Trudeau responded to the Hijab Hoax?

When a young girl claimed her Hijab had been cut, Trudeau went to the cameras, got super emotional, turned it into an international news story, and arrogantly lectured the Canadian People.

Then, when it turned out the whole thing never happened, Trudeau didn’t even apologize to Canadians for assuming the worst about our country. And he never apologized for spreading misinformation either.

Trudeau made a huge deal about a false example of anti-Muslim attitudes.

But what about a real example of Muslims being oppressed?

What does Trudeau do then?

Nothing at all.

It is now undeniable that Communist China is holding hundreds of thousands of innocent Uighur Muslim citizens in concentration camps. A clear campaign of cultural genocide is underway, while a horrific Orwellian police state is brutally enforced.

Yet Trudeau has almost nothing to say about it.

He hasn’t addressed the Canadian People, he hasn’t held a big emotional press conference about it, and he hasn’t taken any steps to decouple Canada’s economy from China in response to China’s abuses of human rights and arbitrary kidnapping of Canadian Citizens.

This shows beyond a doubt that our country is run by clowns.

Clowns who can endlessly virtue-signal about hoaxes and love to criticize our neighbours to the south, yet have no guts whatsoever to criticize the actual crimes being committed by Communist China.

If we lived in a nice safe world then having clowns as leaders wouldn’t be a big problem. But in our dangerous and divided world, Canada is at serious risk with such pathetic fools at the top.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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