Canada Is Being Led By Clowns

If our country wasn’t at such serious risk, it would be funny.

Remember how Justin Trudeau responded to the Hijab Hoax?

When a young girl claimed her Hijab had been cut, Trudeau went to the cameras, got super emotional, turned it into an international news story, and arrogantly lectured the Canadian People.

Then, when it turned out the whole thing never happened, Trudeau didn’t even apologize to Canadians for assuming the worst about our country. And he never apologized for spreading misinformation either.

Trudeau made a huge deal about a false example of anti-Muslim attitudes.

But what about a real example of Muslims being oppressed?

What does Trudeau do then?

Nothing at all.

It is now undeniable that Communist China is holding hundreds of thousands of innocent Uighur Muslim citizens in concentration camps. A clear campaign of cultural genocide is underway, while a horrific Orwellian police state is brutally enforced.

Yet Trudeau has almost nothing to say about it.

He hasn’t addressed the Canadian People, he hasn’t held a big emotional press conference about it, and he hasn’t taken any steps to decouple Canada’s economy from China in response to China’s abuses of human rights and arbitrary kidnapping of Canadian Citizens.

This shows beyond a doubt that our country is run by clowns.

Clowns who can endlessly virtue-signal about hoaxes and love to criticize our neighbours to the south, yet have no guts whatsoever to criticize the actual crimes being committed by Communist China.

If we lived in a nice safe world then having clowns as leaders wouldn’t be a big problem. But in our dangerous and divided world, Canada is at serious risk with such pathetic fools at the top.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

I hope that the Canadian people will wake up to the damage that is being done to our country by a bunch of CLOWNS before it is to LATE


4 more years could be some irreversible damage we are well on our way to becoming a third world country

Moe S.

Xinjiang, China has the world’s largest prison camps. Over 100 detention camps for Muslim Uyghur, aged 18 to 40 yrs. of age. One million or more Uyghur have been imprisoned. The children are placed in orphanages or boarding schools so the children can be Chinese assimulated, controlling the next generation of Uyghur’s. Parents in the prison camps are forced to attend Chinese language & manners classes and forced to work in manufacturing factories i.e., textiles. Those who refuse are jailed indefinitely. This is the definition of ‘cultural genocide.’ This is the Communist China Trudeau “so admires.”

old white guy

The followers of islam are being controlled as they should be. China is not prepared to allow jihad to take place as it has elsewhere in Europe, England, Sweden. People who believe that they should kill those who do not believe what they believe have to be controlled. Just wait until we have to start trying to control the Chinese and muslims in our country. Ha.

Moe S.

There is a difference between Muslims who practice Islam faith and those who are Islamic political radical terrorists. The Muslim Uyghur society has lived peacefully in China’s Xinjiang region of the country for decades. They are not like the Islamic political radical extremist Muslims found in countries such as Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Somalia, etc; who believe women should wear the hijab or the burqa. Who believes Christians, Jews, and non-believers should be exterminated. The Communist China government is also imprisoning other minority groups of people they deem in need of Chinese indoctrination, however, the Muslim Uyghur outnumber other minority groups… Read more »

old white guy

Sorry Moe, read the koran. The tenets of islam are clear and the uighurs are no different that any follower of islam. the koran mandates the king and or enslavement of non-believers. Islam was, is and continues to be problem world wide.

old white guy

killing not king.


“Islamic political radical extremist Muslims found in countries such as Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Somalia, etc; ” Add Canada to this list of countries. Trudeau has accepted, imported, protected and even rewarded Muslim terrorists while at the same time intentionally blocking, impeding and abandoning Syrian Christians refugees. He has supported and encouraged these radical jihadists to the point where he has put them in his Cabinet. He has also given and might still be giving Hamas Canada / NCCM millions to promote M-103. Thankfully he doesn’t have a majority. They all obey the same literature. Please take the time to read… Read more »


Yep and trudeau wants us all to become Muslims first and then be put away in camps when China takes over


They have to have something on him. Remember the first pay and play with the Chinese. That one got him a statue g gg or daddy and a nice donation for the Trudeau fund. Something is up.


The statue and massive donations to the Justin Trudeau Family Benefit Fund came shortly after his secret invitation only meetings at a Liberal lawyer’s offices. Open and transparent was just another in a long list of blatant lies Trudeau habitually and continually spewed. Remember that he approved the establishment of Communist Chinese banks in BC and Ontario soon after those donations were made. It is only natural to wonder if Trudeau, other Liberals and some of their big donors have secret accounts at those Communist Chinese Banks.

old white guy

Canada became a non-country circus decades ago. What else would you expect as leaders, intelligent rational people, of course not, the electorate is far from rational or intelligent.

Lance Boyle

And I should care about the Uyghurs exactly why? We have enough of our own problems in Canada with real Canadians needing real help. Besides, all this propaganda about the Uyghur detention camps (which is more than likely actually true) is designed to get a whole bunch of sympathy from regular Canadians so Trudeau can swoop in and declare that he is going to take a few hundred thousand in for humanitarian reasons, making him look good with us paying the bill and my kids getting screwed over once again. C’mon. The very detailed description that Moe gives comes from… Read more »

Moe S.

Are you kidding, “regurgitated by the CBC” I’m hardly that stupid. Are you not aware of how much influence Communist China seems to have in Canada? Are you not aware of how much of our resources and land ownership they have acquired? Are not aware Trudeau just gave them permission to implement Huawei 5G communications in Northern Canada? It is not about sympathy for the Uyghur. They are the ‘canary in the coal mine’ warning of Communist China’s control and goal to dominate Western societies.


Yes we are. It is time for Canada to take a sharp turn and divide.

Peter Black

Get your facts straight. According to CBC Radio 1 last Sunday the number being retained is apprx 4 MILLION
Every German in Canada born before 1934 will remember the Jews herded into camps. Of course Stalin and Mao were even bigger killers. Now twenty year olds dont even know what Dunkirk was. Every day history is repeating itself. I f it wasn’t for President Trump this world would on the verge of WWIII.

Don graham

Of course Trudump is an incompetent clown. We’d do better with real clown rather than creeps who behave like clowns

David Henley

Trudeau is a clown but he is also the most dangerous man in Canada. Next in line is Scheer. Between the two of them this country is in serous trouble.

David Henley

Trudeau will never do anything about China. Although he has already conceded to them. Selling out companies to China. Giving them contracts over the country he is suppose to be leading. Drowning this country in debt and killing the economy he is truely anti-Canadian. The people who voted him in have effectively destroyed this country. You can blame him but he had already shown what he was yet he still had enough votes from the people to give him power. Unless you figure that the election was rigged, but no one with the power to question or the guts to… Read more »