Conservatives Rip New Liberal Foreign Minister For Calling China “A Beacon Of Stability” & “A Very Inclusive Society”

The Liberals already appear to be laying the groundwork for selling us out even worse to the ruthless Communist State.

The Conservative Party of Canada is slamming new liberal foreign minister Francois-Philippe Champagne for saying this about Communist China’s government:

“Canada and I would say China, stands out as a beacon of stability, predictability, a rule-based system, a very inclusive society.”

Say what now?

Look at what’s happening in Hong Kong, where the ‘rule-based’ “One Country, Two Systems” model that China promised to uphold is being destroyed by the Communist State, and where Hong Kongers are desperately fighting for freedom.

Is that ‘rule-based’?

And, ‘inclusive society’?

Ask the Uighur’s how ‘inclusive’ China is. Ask everyone languishing in China’s concentration camps, torture chambers, and indoctrination facilities how ‘inclusive’ China is.

I’ve had my concerns that the Conservatives will end up doing the bidding of Canada’s corporate establishment and stop speaking out against Communist China, but if they keep up the attack on Francois-Philippe Champagne and the Liberals, and if they keep up the pressure on China, Canadians may be able to trust that the Conservatives will champion the true values and beliefs of our nation.

Champagne and the Liberals on the other hand, appear to be already laying the groundwork for selling our nation out to China, as his comments are so absurd that they can only be part of a calculated attempt to show more weakness and subservience to China’s Communist rulers.

This is an ominous time for Canada, and our nation must quickly rediscover our historic strength and our sense of right and wrong before it is too late.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Major Tom

It sounds like he should move there…..


Only tomight dec 2nd 2019 an article in Star Metro Vancouver by Jeremy Nuttal.
On Friday,Global News reported that Richard Lee sent his correspondence Jan.1 and revealed how in 2015 then an MLA in BC,he was detained by Chinese authorities in Shanghai,and how they went through his government cellphone.Lee also told Global News that Chinese consulates were warning Canadian politicians not to criticize China.Lee received no reply from the federal government ,he alleged.I have written this word for word out of Star Metro Vancouver Newspaper.There you go.This is how Chinese government thinks of us Canadians.

old white guy

China is a very inclusive nation, you will be included whether you like it or not.


Nothing in the lieberal mainstream media, that I have seen, who owns them China? We knew this would happen if the lieberals got in again.


With this report the Liberals are certifiably an ally of the PRC and their global colonization program. Better start learning Chinese.


What an idiot. Canadians will bitterly regret giving these imbeciles more 4 years.
By the way …where is the opposition???

Don Taylor

The best thing Turdeau can do for Canada is to step down

Brian Dougan

Trudope must have a Chinese style opium den. It’s hidden somewhere in the bowels of the West Block. Champagne has been spending too much time down there. “Look into my eyes, and repeat after me: Chinese are the supreme exalted ones; Whites must serve and obey them.” Yes; Enlightened Master.

John Warner

SO, Champagne is an idiot, the first requirement to be a Cabinet Minister under Trudeau. Or, is it all part of Trudeau’s plan to sell out Canada?

John Warner

So, Champagne is an idiot, meeting the first requirement to be a Cabinet Minister under Trudeau. Or, is this part of Trudeau’s plan to sell out Canada. Champagne’s statement on China is an insult to everyone who has fought against oppression.