Huawei Publicly Attacks Canada, Falsely Accuses Us Of Breaking The Law

Why haven’t they been banned yet?

Huawei – the Communist China-controlled corporation that is seen as a huge security risk by many of Canada’s closest allies – is now publicly attacking Canada.

On Twitter, the Huawei account Tweeted the following:

“The detainment of #Huawei CFO #MengWanzhou is an unlawful and illegal act. Why? Read this insightful account of events to help you make up your mind.”

Of course, as noted by Terry Glavin, the article Huawei links to does NOT say any laws were broken:

“Yes, do read the Globe story, because it does *not* show that Meng’s detention was “unlawful and illegal,” but the opposite. With all the millions this sinister Beijing-directed corporation is blowing on public relations, you’d think they might avoid a screw-up of this magnitude:”

In fact, the Canadian government is bound by law to fulfill extradition requests from the United States, just as the United States is bound to fulfill extradition requests from Canada, since we have an extradition treaty with them.

If, after all of this, the Canadian government still allows Huawei into our 5G networks, it will raise serious questions about whether Canadian government officials have been bribed or co-opted by the Communist State.

Spencer Fernando

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As for me it would be very hard to ever trust liberal government with all their underdealings,and with some of their politicians that lack moral values and loyalty to Canadian public.


Is it just me does it seem like what ever China does, it falls on deaf ears when it comes to our government?


We hear that Trudeau has approved Huawei into communications in northern Canada? Is Trudeau following orders issued by his Communist Chinese donors and giving the finget to our allies? Why has he run away from responsibilities and polluted his way to Europe, pretending he actually cares about Canada’s place in NATO?


We shouldn’t be in that corrupt group called NATO.


Unfortunately, we’ll NEVER cut our potentially dangerous trade alliances or ‘agreements’ with China until Trudeau is permanently OUT of office. He tends to kowtow to the most potentially evil groups of the world – whether they be national or religious – and we must remember that China HAS his ‘favored style of government’ ,that he rapidly appears to be steering Canada towards.
Until Liberals wake up and see the light out there, and finally vote this man OUT of office ?!!!
God help Canada. under this ‘man’.


You got that right!