CBC Losing Viewers, Ad Revenue Plunging

Without forcibly extracting taxpayers dollars, CBC would be unable to survive.

CBC has one of the biggest advantages ever enjoyed by a ‘media organization.’

Not only are they state-controlled and state-funded, but they also get revenue from private sector ads.

Yet, despite all of their advantages, they’re still failing.

Apparently, if you don’t have content people want to watch, it won’t work out well.

And now, there’s more evidence of CBC’s mounting struggles.

As reported by Blacklocks CBC’s ad revenue is down 53% in the last five years.

The Toronto Sun noted that CBC’s ad revenue went from $192.2 million in the first two quarters of 2014, and has now fallen to $92.8 million in the first six months of 2019.

A key reason for the loss of ad revenue is because CBC’s viewership is plunging.

Unfortunately, CBC will continue to hobble along due to federal government funding, money forcibly extracted from taxpayers. And this endless amount of taxpayer money means CBC is never forced to actually adapt or realize that their content isn’t resonating.

For example, CBC’s endless focus on US politics means that their coverage is often identical to what Canadians can find on any of the many US networks that are shown in our country.

It seems no matter how badly CBC fails, their only ‘solution’ is to just take more and more of our money.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Not only is their content the same as US networks but they are just as biased towards the liberal agenda, and I think even many liberals are realizing this. News is supposed to report, not interpret, as far as I’m concerned. Let me interpret based on unbiased comments, just the facts maam.

Douglas Maenpaa

Remember Peter Mansbridge ? He always used to say “they’re making sense of the news for us”.
Hes a nice enough guy, but I dont want him pontificating leftism to me, which is all he did, thank God hes retired.

pancake rachel corrie

The cbc was failing when cable tv was beginning to be offered in the mid 1960’s …just imagine if we had cut taxes and were able to keep the money extracted by these lowlife companys

alan skelhorne

cbc is a joke completely. however, I think cbc was finished when they lost hockey night in Canada, and before that, the cfl. two of the biggest sports venues, and they were both outbid by rogers n tsn.. so what did people watch on cbc, oh wait a minute, country Canada. or maybe anne of green gables.it doesn,t matter, they are failures all around.


CBC, along with most MSM now is nothing more than payed propaganda. With the CBC and now the 600 million going to “news” networks and papers we are paying to be propagandized with our own money. Media by default cannot be neutral when they rely on tax money from the gov’t to survive. They become nothing more than gov’t organisations and do as they please as they know they will always get their money. Cut the cable. Starve the beast. Although I know with tax payer funded media we are the ones being starved it seems. Give me my taxes… Read more »

Eric Blair

Question: Has the ad revenue that the CBC lost gone over to Global or CTV? Doubt it. Most likely gone to the internet advertisers.


The dishonesty of the media collaborating together for certain purposes in getting funds from everyone for worldwide causes that will not effect the outcome. It will just add more government laws and regulations. The pollution problem in Canada has been regulated with recycling programs and all sorts of regulations that the majority of countries don’t have or ignore and yet Canadians are taxed and penalized for what other countries are doing. Are they going to stop? No. Is the media looking into these programs to see if the products are being recycled? No. Showing floating plastics in other countries and… Read more »


Nadler this weekend stated that the Democrats are terrified of Trumps tactics in the upcoming election. Better to impeach him now before the next election starts.
Nothing to do with any crime, just partisan politics.
Trump evaded many Democrats legal traps for trying to catch a lie under oath and couldn’t find any evidence of anything illegal.