Andrew Scheer Deserves Praise For Tough Stance On China

Scheer and the Conservatives stand in contrast to the craven cowardice often shown by the Trudeau Liberals.

I’ve been heavily critical of Andrew Scheer in many instances, and will continue being critical when I think it’s called for.

That said, Scheer also deserves credit for taking a much tougher stance towards China than the other federal leaders.

While much of Canada’s corrupt political and corporate class wants to sell Canada out to China, Scheer has pushed back against the idea of ‘free trade’ with the Communist State, has called for banning Huawei, and has called for Canada to pull our money from the China-controlled Asian Infrastructure Bank (AIB). 

The AIB is an egregious example of Canada’s interests being betrayed, as Trudeau has given hundreds of millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars to a bank controlled by China that then funds pipelines and other energy infrastructure in foreign countries, while the Trudeau government rejects pipelines in Canada.

Scheer and the Conservatives have also been fighting to make sure that the plight of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor is not forgotten, and their efforts to bring attention to our imprisoned Canadians is laudable.

How Canada manages the growing danger posed by China will be the defining issue of our time, and on that issue the Conservatives and Andrew Scheer have so far gotten it right.

That must be a key point of consideration as the Conservatives go forward. While the party would benefit from a more charismatic leader who can command media attention and push their message more effectively, the party must maintain their strong stance towards China.

And the Conservative base must be wary of any effort to replace Scheer with a member of the same political elite that would sell us out to China. If the choice is between boring Scheer who at least stands up for Canada’s interests, and a member of elite who sells Canada out to China, then Scheer is clearly the better choice.

And, if Scheer can translate his toughness against Communist China to toughness in other areas, he may just end up holding on and improving enough to get another chance.

Spencer Fernando

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Vito D'Alessandro

What can the Opposition do to stop Trudeau from squandering all the wealth to foreign aid so he can receive his kickbacks?

Dave French

The stench of LIBERAL political CORRUPTION is at the CORE of the LIBERAL Party & mostly with TRUDEAU… the stench reeks with all their corruptions, scandals, bribes, frauds, deceptions, lying, shams, & many illegalities ++ all are full of repulsive deceits.
>> Liberals will say and/or do anything for their benefits-advantages only.
>> Canadian citizens Won’t get anything

Dave French

SCHEER is an excellent Leader with a strong back-bone & SCHEER WILL stand up for & defend Canada 100%.
The damn MEDIAS have been paid off-bribed by TRUDEAU-LIBERALS with that $600,000 to say only good things about Trudeau & when it comes to CONSERVATIVE SCHEER, these tw0-faced MEDIAS will either not print all the good & beneficial things SCHEER is doing & has done, OR these MEDIAS will write-say only negative things & out right LIE.