POLL: Support For More Trade With China Has Collapsed, Opposition Surges

The political class must listen to Canadians and reject any movement whatsoever towards ‘free trade’ with the ruthless Communist State.

According to a new Angus Reid survey, support for closer trade ties with China has collapsed, with an overwhelming majority of Canadians opposed.

In April of 2015, 40% of Canadians wanted to develop closer trade ties with China. Now, that number stands at just 22%.

Additionally, in February of 2019, 38% of Canadians said trade and investment with China should be more important, while 62% said human rights and the rule of law.

Now, just 30% prioritize trade and investment, while 70% prioritize human rights and the rule of law.

The majority of supporters of all the major parties put human rights and the rule of law ahead of trade and investment.

While the elitist political class has tried to pretend that trading with China is just like trading with any other country, the Canadian People are seeing through those lies.

Canadians are realizing that endlessly pursuing ‘trade’ with China increasingly requires Canada to sell out our values, put ourselves under the thumb of the brutal Chinese Communist Party, and is simply not worth it. Canada doesn’t need more trade with China, we need to stand up for our national interests, our national values, and our Citizens.

Spencer Fernando

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Clive Edwards

If human rights were more important to Canadians we would leave NAFTA. The Yanks with their perpetual wars, support for the overthrowing of legitimate governments and not concerned about how many deaths they cause by sanctions, drones and military actions are much worse than China’s recent record. Now Trump is making noises about invading Mexico, supposedly our partner in NAFTA. Would he do the same to Canada if we actually had a prime minister that would stand up to him? You can bet your last barrel of Canadian oil.


Good. Buy North American when possible. – Unfortunately two faced, isis loving trudeau will continue to decimate Canada’s manufacturing / economy.

Dave French

Get RID of TRUDEAU & all his LIBERAL Henchmen with their treacheries, deceits, betrayals+++
These Liberals are millionaires & they do NOT give a damn about Canadians & they will all leave Canada as soon at they canNOT fill their pockets with money $$ taken from YOUR pockets and using any methods to accomplish it.

David Henley

Liberals will not concede to what this country wants or needs. China is his favourite country.China will continue to won what ever it wants as long as Liberals get their way. Saying no to china only makes Trudeau laugh at the Canadians wanting something. Don’t you get it…This is no longer a democratic country. Trudeau owns it.