Conservative Party Postpones Policy Convention, Moves It From Ontario To Quebec

Move comes amid continuing upheaval within the party.

With the Conservative Party increasingly divided and facing a leadership race, the party is delaying their policy convention.

It had previously been scheduled to take place in April, but will now happen in November.

Strangely, the party is moving the convention from Toronto to Quebec City.

This is odd since the clearest path to victory for the Conservatives is to combine their strong Western base with a better showing in the Greater Toronto Area.

That’s how Harper won a majority in 2011.

Meanwhile, Quebec has always been much tougher terrain for the Conservatives, and their prospect of gains in that province is far weaker than their prospect of gains in Ontario. Additionally, many things the Conservatives have to say and do in order to gain the support of Quebec’s elitist political class end up costing the party support in the West and in suburban Ontario.

So far, the Conservatives have not given a clear leadership race timeline.

Spencer Fernando

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Brian Dougan

This reminds me of the *Wizard of Oz*. The Scarecrow had hopes that the Wizard would give him a brain. The Conservative Party movers and shakers certainly aren’t demonstrating any intelligence. They need to find the Wizard, and quickly. One would be inclined to believe that they want to lose. Are they in collusion with the Liberals?? The fix is in. Throw the fight in the third round. A knockout for the Libranos. Don’t pick a heavyweight for the fight; anoint a potential loser.


If the Conservatives had ANY brains at all, they’d MOVE the convention up because you NEVER know when Trudeau will call a snap election as the Conservatives stand there with their pants around their ankles. Oh, wait – I forgot – IF they’d chosen Maxime- Bernier as their leader – instead of Liberal Lite Scheer – they wouldn’t be in the predicament they are NOW, and they’d probably be in power, instead of Trudeau


Nor would they have half the seats they currently have if the had Bernier. BTW Mad Max and his party will fade into oblivion, they are broke and another election will just put the final nail in the coffin

Bill Donaldson

Quebec City probably had the only halls large enough to accommodate 3,500 people on short notice. Everything across the country is probably booked 18 months in advance. Then again, it might dissuade those of us west of Toronto to attend.

Gary major

I live in Ontario east and was trying to find the resources to attend. Quebec city no can do! Put up a great big tent and get out where the public can see you!


I think we need to set up a new political party for Canada fast leaving Quebec out, they already have their own federal party, plus have taken over the other parties again, so who could we vote for?


The Liberals need to be stopped as soon as possible. Please get it together. The country should not have to wait.


No use in contacting the Conservative Party headquarters to express an opinion. They don’t respond. I’m in an NDP armpit Riding and contacting my local Conservative Association is simply a waste of electricity. Sending a letter is a waste of paper.

WEXIT is becoming more relevant every day.


Wexit from Ontario over. I do not want to stay under Quebec’s rule while they try to throw out the English in their own province.

Ben Eby

I have written the CPC many, many times, and have politely made suggestions and asked various questions, one at a time. The CPC response to my small letters has been zero. My response to them was zero contributions and no membership renewal. They truly have some idiots in their PR department and they also showed their lack of concern for what I had to say!

Gary major

If trudeaus minority GVT. goes down we’re left with Scheer which will give trudeau another majority vHow STUPID is the Cons leadership or how Liberal are these fools running the party!

Bill Millar

Quebec would be a great place for the backroom boys to announce who they have chosen to be the next leader.

Amy Dewhirst

I live in Nova Scotia. Why do we even bother voting? We need a system like an Electoral College. There is no point, here in Atlantic Canada, we don’t matter. And no, I did not vote Liberal. Fed up with Canada. Maybe Trump will take us?


Looks like Quebec’s elites have taken over the party again, we need another Mr. Harper and another arrangement for Canada to break free from those holding Canada hostage to Quebec yet again. We need a government FOR the whole of Canada, not just the bad ruler province. We need Mr. Harper back to fix this.


As a member of the party I am against this move and the postponement . Everyone knows most minority governments do not last even 2 years. As soon as an increase to the carbon tax is introduced a no confidence vote will pass and trigger an election. We need to be ready with a leader firmly in place

Paul Pogue

Scheer moves into obscurity with no leadership Plan B
Trudeau grooms Freeland