Conservative Party Postpones Policy Convention, Moves It From Ontario To Quebec

Move comes amid continuing upheaval within the party.

With the Conservative Party increasingly divided and facing a leadership race, the party is delaying their policy convention.

It had previously been scheduled to take place in April, but will now happen in November.

Strangely, the party is moving the convention from Toronto to Quebec City.

This is odd since the clearest path to victory for the Conservatives is to combine their strong Western base with a better showing in the Greater Toronto Area.

That’s how Harper won a majority in 2011.

Meanwhile, Quebec has always been much tougher terrain for the Conservatives, and their prospect of gains in that province is far weaker than their prospect of gains in Ontario. Additionally, many things the Conservatives have to say and do in order to gain the support of Quebec’s elitist political class end up costing the party support in the West and in suburban Ontario.

So far, the Conservatives have not given a clear leadership race timeline.

Spencer Fernando