Catherine McKenna – Who Constantly Demonizes Her Opponents – Complains About Divisive Public Discourse

Hypocritical to the extreme.

Catherine McKenna is one of the most divisive politicians in Canada.

She’s called her opponents “deniers” for ‘daring’ to question her policies when she was environment minister.

And she even once said that she “had no time” for those who didn’t agree with her point of view.

She also straight up admitted that she repeats the same thing over and over and over again more loudly in the House of Commons.

So, of all Canadian politicians, McKenna is perhaps the least qualified to complain about polarization or divisiveness.

And yet, here’s what she recently Tweeted:

“It seems like our entire public discourse these days is built on what divides us. […] Whereas most of us, if we actually sat down and had a genuine conversation, we would agree that we want to help other people, we want to do what’s right.”

The problem here is that McKenna thinks that only her worldview is “what’s right,” and she’s repeatedly shown that she’ll attack and demonize those who disagree.

“This government’s inability for self-reflection is breathtaking. Your and your party’s conduct is the exact opposite of what you just tweeted. It’s upside down world with the Liberals in charge.”

Rather than fighting against division, Catherine McKenna has been one of the people spreading division the most, and her complaints about it now are massively hypocritical.

Spencer Fernando