REPORT: Pierre Poilievre To Announce Run For Conservative Leadership

Poilievre already has strong support among the Conservative base, who admire his willingness to fight back against the Liberal political and media establishment.

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre is set to announce a bid for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada according to the Toronto Star.

While there would be some skepticism about such a report, it’s notable that it was retweeted by former to Harper strategist Jenni Byrne, who led the 2011 majority government campaign.

The story mentions that Byrne, and former Conservative Cabinet Minister John Baird will be on board to help Poilievre’s campaign.

This is great news for Canada.

The Liberal political and media elites have been trying to foist candidates like Jean Charest onto the Conservative Party, ignoring the Conservative base and seeking to make sure the base is silenced.

By contrast, Poilievre has shown a willingness to fight back, call out the lies of the Liberal elites, and shows a tremendous ability to get his message out far and wide, something that the Conservatives have struggled with as of late.

As J.J. McCullough said on Twitter, Poilievre is “an instant front runner.”

“Instant front-runner. Having John Baird on board is huge as well. Conservatives are really excited about his candidacy, as much as the media has tried to ignore the momentum that’s been quietly growing behind him.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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PIERRE will be a fresh face to the conservative party and a thorn for the liberals.


My criteria? How would that individual do representing Canada as Prime Minister when dealing with leaders of other countries. I don’t give a damn if they can even spell selfie and I want someone who puts Canada first. If we look after ourselves first then we will be able to adapt to a changing climate and a changing world and might even be able to help others.


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO pleased!!! LOVE this man, he’s BRILLIANT!!!


Federal Conservatives got to stop being mister nice guy. Got to hit back hard with the Facts. Stop being a door mat Ethics and a Party for Canada and it’s future


Personally I like Pierre Poilievre. He has had good exposure in the house, and on you tube. I feel he has better recognition power than some of the other people that are considering running.
He is quick on his feet and does not take any lip. (lol)
Hopefully he will not have any skeletons from the past to go against the Conservatives. This country can not stay on this path much longer.

Tod Keller

Pierre is the only hope for the conservative party


I would vote for Poilievre. I would even go back to the conservatives.


Why wouldn’t you go back to the Conservatives?? The Conservative Party is the ONLY true Ethical Canadian Party that will get our Canada BACK!

Gilles Lavallée

Monsieur poilievre jusqu,à date avec ses exp`riences en chambre et biliongue ainsi que de ses nonbreuses connaissances en administration jusqu,à date est notre plus fort candidat pour faire le lien fort de l,ouest et le tremblotasnt Est . je le vois comme chef et ce depuis bien avant la démission de scheer . la chefferie est non seulement dûe depuis longtemps dans l,est mais le nombres de comtés pour atteindre 170 et plus lui seront accessible s,il sait se servir avec des post dans les 2 langues et continuer de s’imposer en gérance de fonds de la nation ce qui… Read more »

Jim Montag

Of all the names mentioned so far I believe he would be the best choice but the Conservatives need to be sure there is nothing in his closet but clothes.JMHO


Excellent !


I would be happy if he ran and won.


Good choice. Pierre’s the Conservative’s best hope. Could well be Canada’s.

Gary major

Pierre has my support and any money I can pry lose from surviving trudeau ruining Canadas economy!

Tod Coulson

That wont be a contest it will be a slam dunk.


Poilievre is the right pick, Conservative party should not have debates to select the candidate, they already have the right man then why to waste time just announce that Pierre is their next leader of the party, and that it.


Yaaaaaa there’s light at the end of this dismal tunnel. I’m so Happy to hear this great news.


At this time in world politics we need a very Canadian strong man. The fake puppet Canadians working for the lieberals/democrats/farleft/communist taken UN/China/Russia/Iran/terrorists causing forced world migration will be attacking our sovereignty and any leader we try to elect with our bought out main stream media will be crucified and Canada has been divided and weakened by these puppets. We are in need of a very strong man working for Canada alone. Many American citizens are calling for the USA to quit the UN, and Canada as they are attacking us as well should also step out of what has… Read more »


Pierre Poilievre is the Very BEST Candidate for Canada’s Next PM. Pierre Poilievre has MORE Intelligence than all the Liberals put together.