Time For Canada To Leave Iraq & Focus On Protecting Our Own Territory

Our military is in tatters, and we can’t even defend our own territory. Why are we risking Canadian lives in Iraq?

Countries must act in their own national interest first and foremost.

And that means ensuring that their own nation is secure, before even thinking about deploying troops elsewhere.

And it also means recognizing that (with some notable exceptions like WW2) occupations and ground invasions rarely work out well, particularly when the focus is on ‘nation-building.’

That’s why it’s time for Canada to leave Iraq.

We should end our role in the NATO training mission, and bring our 250 personnel home.

Simply put, Iraq is becoming an Iranian proxy state, and there’s no need for Canadians to be put at risk on the ground for a nation that quite honestly doesn’t want us there.

Additionally, our military is basically in tatters, with worn out equipment meaning Canada can’t justify putting our under equipped troops in danger.

Finally, our own northern territory is basically undefended. With China and Russia building up their arctic forces, and seeking a piece of the potential trillions of dollars in wealth waiting to be unlocked in the region, it’s clear that our national interest would best be served by focusing our money and resources on strengthening our forces here at home within our own borders.

Spencer Fernando

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Major Tom

Absolutely correct!

Don Taylor

Canada will never hold its head high until Turdeau and his Goons are out of office


but first ….let s reflect, discuss and ….miss the boat ..now that is our modus operandi ….


There are a lot of things in our county that really need an overhaul. The protests in our country about Iran are showing us some of the mistakes that have already been made.


Again I really think Canada needs a Canadian government, we still do not have a government that is working for Canadians and Canada, the puppet government, questionably voted in again is NOT on a Canadian agenda but someone else’s agenda with many divisive dog and pony shows trying to distract us.
Canada divided and debt ridden and it’s military are in taters and many people are not paying attention to the real matters that need looking after.


Agreed, Spencer. Canada desperately needs two military bases in the North. Coppermine and Pelly Bay might be a good start. Both on the Arctic coast to watch over shipping traffic. Combinations of Naval and Airforce bases.


That would make too much sense for the Libs.

Fred Dimmick

Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee! With our hockey sticks!