Michael McCain Opposed Sanctions On Communist China, Senator Says “He Didn’t Seem Overly Concerned About Human Rights Then”

More hypocrisy from the out-of-touch elites.

As Michael McCain tries blaming Canada’s ally the United States for the actions of the Iranian regime shooting down an airliner carrying 57 Canadian Citizens, it turns out he’s a total hypocrite.

As revealed by Senator Leo Housakos – one of the rare Canadian politicians willing to take a stand against Communist China – Michael McCain tried to stop Senators from pushing for sanctions on China:

“McCain wrote to me to back off our motion calling for Magnitsky sanctions vs China. He cited concern for his employees, ie the impact on their jobs. He didn’t seem overly concerned abt human rights then & he didn’t seem overly concerned abt his employees & their jobs last night.”

Additionally, the text of the letter by McCain has surfaced:

“On behalf of Maple Leaf Foods and the entire Canadian livestock and meat industry I appeal to you to withdraw this initiative. In making this request, I am not making any judgment on the issue of human rights abuses in Hong Kong or in China. But the simple fact is that Canada acting alone on this ensures two certain consequences: (i) Chinese human rights policies will not change and (ii) Chinese retaliation will be uniquely directed to Canada,” McCain wrote.

Going on to cite his industry’s dependence on exports and the jobs potentially at stake, McCain referenced comments from China’s ambassador to Canada stating that sanctions would result in further trade retaliation. While Maple Leaf turned a profit in its most recent quarter, McCain cited global trade as a drag on the company’s performance.”

As you can see, McCain expressed no concern for the Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, the two innocent Canadian Citizens being held hostage by China. And he expressed no concern for China imprisoning more than 1 million Muslims in concentration camps.

McCain was worried about profits.

As we can see, it feels that the only time McCain ‘takes a stand’ is to ignore the Iranian regime shooting down an airliner and instead pins the blame on the United States.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube