Canada Says Iran Must Compensate Families Of Those Killed When Regime Shot Down Plane

“We are judging Iran every day, demand by demand,” says Foreign Affairs Minister.

A group led by Canada is demanding that Iran compensate the families of those it killed when the regime shot down Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752.

Canada, Britain, Ukraine, Sweden, and Afghanistan have made the joint call, as all those nations had citizens killed when the plane was shot down by Iran.

“We are judging Iran every day, demand by demand,” said Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne.

As reported by the CP, “The international community is watching. I think that we took as a first positive step the fact that Iran admitted full responsibility,” Champagne said, flanked by his fellow foreign ministers and their flags.

“From that admission, obviously, flows consequences and we expect and demand full co-operation from the Iranian authorities in every step of consular services, identification of remains, investigation and prosecution of those responsible.”

Additionally, the countries are seeking possible ways to pressure Iran to co-operate, amid fears that Iran will refuse to pay the families and won’t let bodies be repatriated.

You can watch the press conference below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube