Iranian Foreign Minister Seen Laughing During Meeting With Canadian Officials

He seems quite happy considering the brutal regime he slavishly serves killed 176 innocent people.

Photos shared by Iran’s foreign minister seem to show him looking quite happy during a meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne.

The photos can be viewed below:

“In Oman today, met with Canadian FM @FP_Champagne to discuss consular, technical & legal cooperation among nations impacted by #PS752 tragedy.

Agreed on continued exchanges between respective experts.

Politicization of this tragedy must be rejected. Focus on victims’ families.”

Consider this: Those aren’t photos just taken randomly. Those were the photos taken by Iranian state controlled media, and then Iran chose to share those photos. So, they’re purposely sending a message that Iran doesn’t take this seriously and is trying to laugh about it.

Sadly, this isn’t a surprise. The Iranian regime has contempt for human life, which can be seen in how the regime has been butchering grieving protesters and refusing to let families access the bodies of their deceased loved ones.

Also, it’s a total disgrace for Iran to complain about ‘politicization’ of them shooting down a plane. Iran has already tried to politicize it by blaming the United States, and Iran’s regime doesn’t allow alternative viewpoints and perspectives to be heard.

Canadians are 100% justified in our outrage towards the Iranian regime, and their ongoing behaviour will only add to that outrage.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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alan skelhorne

am I blind, I see a smile on champagnes face also, not a grin, but a smile.
communist do stick together.


We are in such a weak country, that is being sold out by weak corrupt politicians that we even stupidly re elected somehow – not respected anywhere else in the world (like we were respected with PM Harper running this country for the good) so of course we are laughed at. Very sad our falsely arrogant silly UN puppet politicians and who is controlling the UN now?, as we all know.

Gary major

As if our Foreign Minister has the b&lls to object ! NOT!

Gerri Page

When they knew Trudeau was the PM they just couldn’t stop laughing and who can blame them?


Probably laughing at just what the Canadian government is allowed to get away with! Forcing Canadians to pay for Iran’s downing of an airline. Yes, it’s great and hilarious that the Canadian people whom had nothing to do with this will end up paying for it! Insanely hilarious, isn’t it!!


Iran had shot the plane intentionally to pin the blame onto the USA.They are making mockery of us and laughing at us.I do not know why our politicians stop doing business with dishonorable countries like Iran.

Major Tom

The hit was deliberate….it was a soft target….and it took out what the Jihadis’ are so comfortable with…….the death of innocents………..


The Iranian leasers had better watch themselves, or the Canadian prime minister will look at them crossly!