No Prisoner Exchange With China Says Trudeau

Trudeau’s remarks come after pressure from former Chretien Liberals to make a trade with the ruthless Communist State.

Justin Trudeau says there will be no exchange of prisoners with Communist China.

With Canadians Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor still being held hostage by Communist China while Meng Wanzhou lives it up in Vancouver, some cowardly former Chretien Liberals have been pushing for a ‘prisoner exchange’ with China.

They propose ending extradition proceedings in Meng’s case, and letting her fly to China, following which, presumably, China will release our Citizens.

It’s a horrendous idea, considering that we have an extradition treaty with the US we are bound to honour, and we of course have no idea if China would actually release our people. Worst of all, a ‘prisoner exchange’ would validate China’s hostage diplomacy tactics, putting more Canadians at risk.

Now, in a rare good move, Trudeau has pushed back on the idea of a prisoner exchange, making clear that he rejects it.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is rejecting a potential “prisoner exchange” to obtain the freedom of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, despite his failure to use recent China-U.S. trade talks as leverage to secure the release of the two Canadians detained in China.”

“We are a country of the rule of law and we will abide by the rule of law,” said Trudeau.

Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland had also strongly rejected such an exchange:

“Our government has been clear that we are a rule of law country and that we honour our extradition treaty commitments. That is what we need to do and that is what we will do.”

For the most part, the Trudeau-Freeland foreign policy has been a total failure. Canada has shown weakness on the world stage, inviting further challenge and further mistreatment of our citizens.

However, Trudeau & Freeland are doing the right thing by rejecting calls for a prisoner exchange. Now, they need to build on getting something right and toughen up their approach overall, making it clear that Canada cannot be mistreated without consequences.

Unfortunately, that seems unlikely.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube