China Quarantines Wuhan As Coronavirus Spreads

The virus is spreading to more and more countries, and the death toll is rising.

China is quarantining the city of Wuhan, amid the spread of the coronavirus.

Authorities are shutting down public transportation and air travel in the city of roughly 12 million people, where the virus first emerged.

Buses, ferries, subways, and shuttle-buses will all be shut down, and the main airport will be closed.

Train stations will also be closed.

Over 500 people have been sickened with the virus, and at least 17 people have died from it. It is now spreading across the globe, with cases emerging as far away from China as the United States and Ireland. Cases are also being reported in the countries surrounding China, and the Lunar New Year travel rush is raising serious fears of a massive spread.

There are now growing questions about how transparent China’s notoriously secretive government has been, with the government claiming for many weeks that only 41 people had been infected, a figure which is now discredited.

The US National Institute of Health says they are in the “very early stages of developing” a coronavirus vaccine.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube