Day Of Action: Fight Back Against Liberal Government Media Takeover

“We simply cannot let this stand.”

As more and more Canadians express outrage towards the Trudeau government’s media takeover plan, the National Citizens Coalition is calling on Canadians to make their voice heard directly to the offices of heritage minister Steven Guilbeault:

“Yesterday, while you were spending time with your family or shopping for Super Bowl snacks, the Trudeau Liberals were busy launching an all-out assault on our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In a moment that needs to be seen to be believed, eco-activist turned Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault told Evan Solomon that he APPROVES of the unbelievable findings of last week’s Trudeau-commissioned media panel, which called for Soviet-styled government licenses on news websites and even podcasts.

It’s censorship on an Orwellian level — that would make even Communist China blush.

It’s another massive, unethical infringement into the lives of hard-working, patriotic taxpayers.”

The National Citizens Coalition is fighting back, and encourages you to contact Guilbeault’s offices to make your voice heard and stand up against his Orwellian, Communist-style media control scheme.

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Stopping Trudeau’s Media Takeover

Spencer Fernando


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