DISGRACE: Liberal Ambassador To China Held Retreat Just 4 Miles From China’s Uighur Concentration Camps, Claiming He Didn’t Know They Existed

This guy is a disgrace to our country, and must be replaced.

It just gets worse and worse when it comes to Trudeau-appointed ambassador to China Dominic Barton.

First, we learned that Barton has multiple investments tied to the financial interests of China’s large state owned corporations.

Then, we watched as Barton said that detained Canadian Citizen Huseyin Celil isn’t a Canadian Citizen, echoing the Chinese Communist Party line and going against Canadian Law.

Now, we learn that when Barton was CEO of McKinsey, a firm heavily tied the Chinese Communist State, he lead the company on a retreat in China, which happened just 4 miles away from Concentration Camps where China is holding hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslims.

Pathetically, despite multiple media reports on the Concentration Camps, Barton claimed he didn’t know they existed:

“For everyone’s information, the McKinsey retreat was in early Sept 2018. By that point the crackdown in Xinjiang was widely known, and even the UN had held hearings. More here: nytimes.com/2018/12/15/wor

“In fact, his explanation defies credulity. Just weeks earlier, Buzzfeed star journalist @meghara had been kicked out of China after she reported about the mass detentions in Xinjiang. McK retreat was Sept 6-9.”

“Just three weeks before the McKinsey retreat, the Wall Street Journal had this major article on the Xinjiang detentions. Are we to believe no one at McKinsey reads @WSJ??”

At this point, you and I can see and hear this very clearly: Dominic Barton is a disgrace to our country, and he must be replaced.

Spencer Fernando

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