RIGGED: Liberals Already Moving Goalposts On Teck Frontier

Trudeau government “inventing new criteria,” as decision nears.

Alberta’s Teck Frontier mine has already met all requirements and been declared in the national interest.

That means the project should be approved, since it has met the standards set for approval.

Yet, with a decision on the massive project looming, we can see the Trudeau Liberals already moving the goalposts.

Speaking to the media, Liberal ‘special Prairie representative’ Jim Carr now says the project must “get to zero emissions” for approval, a criteria which is NOT part of the approval process.

Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs pointed out how this amounts to the Liberals “moving the goalposts again…”

“Minister Carr says Teck approval ‘depends on the capacity to get to zero emissions.’ The joint prov/fed panel said Teck meets all GHG standards. Ability to reach net zero is not a current requirement but Liberals are moving the goalposts again and inventing new criteria.”

When we hear things like this, it’s why more and more people see the process as RIGGED.

You know very well that this is how the Liberals operate. It’s not about evidence-based decisions, it’s not about facts, and it’s not about the national interests.

By all fair-minded criteria, the Teck Frontier mine should have been approved.

But by adding more and more criteria and moving the goalposts repeatedly, the Liberals appear to be rigging the approval process against the project, against Alberta, and against the interests of Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Gary major

Nothing to see here please move on!

Don Piche

Odd how this is never claimed as a consideration for Foreign Nationals to operate in our Country though…


Corruption still and will never change with Trudeau and the Liberal party. They have been bought to do the foreign interest groups agenda which is NOT in the Interest of Canada. Canadians deserves better.


Please keep stating that this “illiberal” not liberal or even democratic government is against Canada, again it is a very unstable, unethical, confused and confusing “on purpose” to hide the truth and cement all the power to them under false pretenses to take most of the country down so this further attack on our great Alberta is hurting all of us Canadians, wake up. What is the old saying: We are too easily accepting of other peoples opinions, the difficult part is actually doing the hard thinking about what their opinions really will means to us. (so stop hurting Alberta… Read more »




The west had best put their energy into separation rather than fighting a moving target to which they will never reach.


Listen to his words. What he is basically saying is unless any project in Western Canada is absolutely guaranteed to meet zero emissions by 2050, nothing under Federal jurisdiction will be approved. He didn’t say NET-ZERO, he said ZERO. Let’s go – WEXIT, let’s go. Let’s go – WEXIT, let’s go. There is absolutely no point in Carr or any other Federal Politician remaining West of the Ontario / Manitoba border. Zero emissions mean no project in Western Canada can ever be built. Ever. No houses, apartments, roads, buildings, rapid transit – nothing. Carr has officially just shut down the… Read more »

Kip sinclair

As usual aNother huge middle finger to western Canada from the corrupt Eastern Liberal dictatorship . The Massive polluting Quebec cement plant gets an exemption of emissions as does Saudi oil imported through JTs companies and friends companies . While ALberta gets held to a ridiculous standard .

Gonzo Gordo

I say good for Justin! Sounds crazy right? Well…..maybe the provincial governments of Sask and Alta. will develop plans for separation as this is the only alternative. At least Justin is doing these two provinces a favour by making things very apparent that NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.
Suggestion: bargain with the US of A “the land of the free and home of the brave” to be politically part of the country. If this ever happened, I’d be the 1st to move to Sask from Ont. so I could join the last true free country in the world: THE USA!

Ruth Bard

Beats me why a project that has passed all regulatory hurdles should have to get past the mindless knee-jerk ideologues of the federal cabinet as well. It should just automatically go into production at this point.