BREAKING: Via Rail Shutting Down NATIONWIDE, CN Rail Shutting Down ENTIRE Eastern Canada Service As Illegal Blockades Continue

The lawlessness of the radical protesters and the weakness of our politicians causes the crisis to deepen.

Amid continued illegal blockades, Via Rail is shutting down across Canada, and CN Rail is shutting down their entire Eastern Canada service.

Here’s what CN Rail CEO JJ Ruest said in a press release:

“With over 400 trains cancelled during the last week and new protests that emerged at strategic locations on our mainline, we have decided that a progressive shutdown of our Eastern Canadian operations is the responsible approach to take for the safety of our employees and the protestors,”

Additionally, all intercity Via Rail service in the entire country will end.

The company is also warning that there could be ‘imminent layoffs.’

Before our eyes, Canada is being brought to a halt by ‘activists,’ who are breaking the law with impunity as the politicians and law enforcement refuse to take action.

And everyday action isn’t taken, the more emboldened the extremist protesters will be, and the more the rule of law will collapse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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We need Donald Trump to send in the military


Lawless? Better check again.. Or go back to where you originally came from. Fit in with the original ways of the land or get out.

Arie Intveld

Both CN and CP rail lines are on corporately-owned right-of-ways … these right-of-ways are their property. Anyone venturing onto a railway right-of-way is committing trespass. Now that Canadian eco-terrorist websites and blogs have been exposed (complete with maps of railway networks and recipes for making thermite), why aren’t CN and CP protecting their corporate assets and infrastructure? Why aren’t the RCMP removing these trespassers? Where are the railway police? Were they told to stay home? And what does the darling of First Nations, Jody Wilson-Raybould, have to say on the matter? Not a peep out of her. The entire #ShutdownCanada… Read more »

Enuf Already

While the sheep are catatonic with fear/anxiety the wolves are working their planned strategies to ruin this great nation, once known as an icon of freedom. The enemy is within the gates and are aided and abetted by our controlled politicians and the bank rollers of anarchy and anti-semitism. My father was at Juno Beach and my grandfather at Vimy with the Canadians but in this generation we have now become a nation of jellyfish, convinced (by all the vile shaming around free speech, gender, climate and history) that to stand up with back-bone against a tide of hate, and… Read more »

Major Tom

When does mobocracy become civil war?